10 Fun Things you can 3D Print during the Lockdown

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Lockdown has sadly become the current norm but the only way to be safe and secure. No matter where you are in the world you are more or less in a lockdown situation. The sudden blockade of services and social activities has left most of the population flabbergasted. But the lockdown situation has also brought out many new opportunities to learn new things and getting better at what you are already doing while spending time with your loved ones.

So, why not make the most of this time by sharpening your skills while also having fun until the lockdown ends. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of 10 useful things you can 3D print during the lockdown. Let’s have a look at it.

10 Fun Things you can 3D Print

Charging Dock and Sound Amplifier

3D Print during the Lockdown
Above: Charging dock & Sound amplifier/Image Credit: Thingiverse

Always thought your phone should have had a larger output sound? It is easily possible with a sound amplifier. A simple device that will help amplify your phone sound so you can enjoy movies and songs along with your family. This is one of the best products to 3D print during the lockdown.

The amplifier also acts as a charging dock, so don’t worry about your low battery and just keep on listening.

So, which song will you play first?

Designer: SurgeonChoi


Veggie Slicer Bowl

3D Print during the Lockdown
Above: Veggie Slicer Bowl/Image Credit: Thingiverse

Now you know how much your mother works to cook you healthy and tasty food. Let’s help her out and create some products to fasten her cooking time. A Veggie slicer bowl is a perfect product for her cooking needs.This will be a great gift to 3D print during the lockdown.

Just open it up, put the veggie inside and slash your way to small pieces of your favorite vegetables.

Designer: OnlyTono


Indispensable Dispenser

3D Print during the Lockdown
Above: Indispensable Dispenser/Image Credit: Thingiverse

When you spend quality time with your family, why fill your glasses one-by-one. Enjoy it together and just let it flow in sync. The Indispensable dispenser can fill your glasses with any drink of your choice at the same time with the same amount. Is there a better product to 3D print during the lockdown?

Designer: Erazmataz


Chess Pieces

3D Print during the Lockdown
Above: Spiral Chess Pieces/Image Credit: Thingiverse

Played all games, time to play chess now. Chess, the age-old strategy game that puts your mental ability to test will help you stay sharp and hone your decision-making skills. Why not give it a try after these years of ignoring ad running away from it? Test your skills by 3D printing the chess pieces and use some craft techniques to create the board.

Designer: BigBadBison


Manual Playing Card Shuffler

Above: Working of a manual playing card shuffler/Video Credit: Thingiverse/YouTube

Cards are the first choice at-home game for many around the world. Then why not make it a bit easy with the handy card shuffler. Easy to print and assemble, this card shuffler can bring fairness to your card game. Go 3D print it NOW!

Designer: RockstarAlchemist


Garden Irrigation Spray System

3D Print during the Lockdown
Above: Garden Irrigation Spray System/Image Credit: Pinshape

Gardening is one of the favourite pastimes for people around the world. They have finally got enough time to be around their plants and take care of their gardens. So why not make it exciting to water them? The simple 3D printed sprinkler will help spray water around the garden. Children will love it as they dance in the sprinkling water.




3D Print during the Lockdown
Above: 3D Printed Ocarina/Image Credit: Thingiverse

Music is a therapy and what better than 3D printing a musical instrument to relax. The Ocarina is available in various shapes and sizes and designs and a lot of them are playable. We just picked up a random working Ocarina for this list. Users can also search more for any other modes but the final aim is to print it and play it. 3D print during the lockdown and enjoy your own musical creations.

The designer also shared an audio clip of him playing the Titanic theme song. So, what can you play? Let’s hear.

Designer: RobSoundtrack



3D Print during the Lockdown
Above: Educational models to teach kids/Image Credit: Thingiverse/MakerBot

Parents can utilize this time to creatively educate their children in science, history, geography, language, technology, etc. 3D print educational modes and teach your kids in an exciting new way so that they always remember.

This is not a single product and so we are sharing the complete education page on Thingiverse. Choose what your kids love and get started with their lessons.


Spock Basketball Hand

3D Print during the Lockdown
Above: Working of the Prosthetic wrist/Image Credit: Pinshape

We bet you always wanted to try to 3D print a complex product but never got around to do it. Now’s your chance to 3D print a prosthetic arm.

The Spock is a 3D printed prosthetic hand (basically created to throw basketballs) that enables users with a missing hand to grasp, dribble, and hold objects. While the base design of the hand depends on wrist motion, the Spock can also be modified to assist those without a wrist.

Though a complex product to assemble, the instructions provided can help you recreate it with ease.

Print all the pieces, bring your family together, and assemble it. It can be a fun yet inspirational product your kids or other small children would love to work on. Create as many as you can and, if possible, donate some of them once the COVID-19 crisis ends.

Designer: 3D4E at UCLA


Avengers Assemble

3D Print during the Lockdown
Above: A scene recreated with the Avengers superheroes/Image Credit: Pinshape

No list of free 3D models can ever be completed without the miniature models of your favourite Marvel characters. You can find endless free models of the most beloved superheroes online. Just 3D print during the lockdown and create a collection of your favourite ones and a couple of evil ones. Let the battle begin.

Designer: Malix3Design


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