3 Cool 3D Printing Projects for Students

In the learning environment, creativity is significant when preparing students to survive in a world that is filled with competition. Unlike subtractive manufacturing, 3D printing uses additive processes to create an object. Creators use various types of 3D software to create interactive objects. 

In the classroom, this technology prepares students with the fundamental skills needed to prepare them to become creators. The learning process is filled with fun and students stay engaged on their computers, projectors, or audio systems, which are some of the tools used to train them. 

The benefits of 3D printing in education

Introducing a 3D printing lesson in the classroom breaks the norm and brings students to a new thing that keeps their imagination high. Students will love the lessons because it’s more involving and they participate in doing more than in listening. 

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Improved imagination and creativity skills

3D lessons present students with unlimited creative opportunities and they can create anything they think about or imagine. As the teacher teaches, the students also need to practically work on objects to help them understand the concepts. That means their brain will be engaged and they will be given complex images to work on. These activities will improve their imagination and their creativity levels will improve too. 

Enhanced critical thinking skills

Images will not automatically be created using the 3D software but students are required to use it to help them create images from scratch. To create an image or object successfully, the student must create it first in their mind and bring it out on their computer. They might fail the first few times, but they will keep thinking harder and improving on it until they perfect it. This process requires critical thinking abilities from the students. 

Build skills for collaboration and communication

In the classroom, students work in teams to complete creative projects given by teachers. One student might be required to sit on the desk and work while others contribute points on the best designs to use. They might also work independently and then bring all their work together to choose the best and improve on it. This helps them improve collaboration and communication skills. 

Interesting 3D printing projects for students

Depending on your students, you may implement simple projects and as time goes by, you keep giving them more complex projects to work on. Soon they will become experts in 3D technology and excel in the field of creative arts. Here are some of the projects you can implement.

Science concepts projects

Science teaches several concepts such as motions, forces, and resistance. A moving car experiences these three forces. A balloon-powered dragster will help students learn to understand these principles better. The teacher will ask them to design their dragsters in a competition. They will have in mind all the concepts and create a dragster that will move the furthest and the student will have to measure the total distance the dragster can travel. 

Game controller

Students love games and working on a project that touches on gaming can help stretch their thinking skills to the maximum. The project at hand is to design a game controller. They will first research to find out the components of a game controller and then create a 3D prototype. They will think about how it will be held in the hands of the user and the parts a gamer will use to win games. 

Create a space mission craft

This is another area students will love to create a rocket for a space mission. It will have boosters to help it propel beyond the earth’s gravity and travel around planes in outer space where energy is limited. Using 3D technology, students will create a rocket that looks real. 


3D technology is gaining pace and it can be introduced into the classroom to help students learn various concepts and increase creativity. It helps build their imagination to a higher level and they learn to collaborate with others. Their communication skills improve and they increase opportunities in the career market after school. Some of the projects students can work on are space mission rockets, game controllers, and robots. 

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