3D Systems Announces Expansion Plans in SC; to add Customer Center, Advanced Manufacturing, and New Materials Development Laboratories

World's largest 3D printing companies
Above: 3D Systems Headquarters in Rock Hill, SC/Image Credit: 3D Systems

3D Systems one of the largest additive manufacturing companies in the world, as part of its expansion and reorganisation process recently announced a planned expansion of its Rock Hill, South Carolina, location, adding 100,000 square feet to its existing headquarters campus.

This expansion will enable the company to consolidate its materials manufacturing, quality, and logistics operations, with new and expanded materials development laboratories to improve operational efficiencies, accelerate solution development and reduce time to market.

In addition, the company will expand its customer collaboration and training facilities, as well as its advanced manufacturing capabilities for both metal and polymer components. These capabilities are critical to accelerating the move from proof-of-concept for new customer applications to full-scale workflow definition and initial industrial production.

Speaking about how the expansion will allow the company to increase efficiency, Dr. Jefrrey Graves, President and CEO at 3D Systems said, “This expansion of our Rock Hill campus allows us to bring together key elements of the business to gain efficiencies, and to accelerate innovation and customer adoption of additive manufacturing on an industrial scale. Through our restructuring and investment activities, we will bring new jobs to the area over the next five years which will contribute to the economic development of Rock Hill and South Carolina.”

“The combination of state-of-the-art facilities; renowned hardware, materials, and software; and our leadership in application knowledge will be a catalyst for us to take our innovation to new heights – providing additive manufacturing solutions for specific, high-value applications in growing markets,” added Dr. Graves.

“I’m pleased that 3D Systems is expanding their presence in our State,” said Senator Lindsey Graham. “As a leader in additive manufacturing, they provide solutions that are enabling manufacturers in the U.S., as well as globally, to transform how they create products. This is driving innovation and helping raise our country’s competitiveness as a manufacturing powerhouse. I’m impressed by 3D Systems’ growth, fueled by the innovation that these investments will continue to support. I look forward to 3D Systems’ success for many years to come.”

Advanced materials are at the heart of the company’s 3D printing solutions which enable the design and manufacture of parts for a variety of applications including medical implants, orthodontic aligners, space exploration, satellites, NASCAR, Formula 1, and appliances.

The company’s materials innovation – led by its deeply experienced team of materials scientists – is driven by the desire to meet new application challenges presented by its customers. As part of this expansion, 3D Systems intends to invest in new laboratories to foster this activity. The new materials produced in the company’s expanded laboratories have the potential to address an ever-broadening range of applications – changing how products are developed and produced, and how healthcare is delivered.

This activity is part of the 3D Systems’ restructuring and reorganization plan announced last year. Expanding the company’s South Carolina headquarters location will facilitate executive leadership, R&D, application development, manufacturing, finance, marketing, and information technology to operate from this location. 3D Systems anticipates the expansion will be completed in early 2022.

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