3D Printing Business Incubator ‘FIRST’, Inaugurated at Sastra University, Tamil Nadu

The year 2018 has seen a good start for 3D printing as it is getting much needed attention. Introduction of HP Multijet Fusion in India, Launch of Metal 3D Printing Solution & Experience centre by Wipro3D in Bengaluru and now the inauguration of Foundation for Innovation & Research at Sastra: Technology Business Incubator (FIRST) for 3D Printing and Internet of Things (IoT) at Sastra University in Tamil Nadu this week.

TN Governor Banwarilal Purohit received at the Sastra University
Above: TN Governor Banwarilal Purohit received at the Sastra University/Image Credit: Sastra

The centre was inaugurated by Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit. TN Governor at the inauguration said, “Science and technology serve as the beacon of light for economic prosperity.” He added, “In recent years, 3D printing has gone from a cutting-edge novelty to a growing and popular industry for new Startups.”

FIRST incubator has been established with support from department of science and technology, Government of India at a cost of Rs.15 Crore. It aims to nurture the future generation of entrepreneurs through various services like consultancy, training, education and research.

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The global 3D printing market is predicted to grow to $10.8 billion in the next 3 years. It includes a strong $79 million contribution from India. TN governor was very positive of the 3D printing market in India. The governor mentioned that, “Over the next six years, medical, aerospace and military applications are exhibiting promising growth in India’s 3D printing market, owing to increased spending towards R&D of aerospace and military related equipment.”

FIRST incubator will function under the leadership of CEO V Sridharan. FIRST incubator will include two separate centres of Innovation & Training Centre and Rapid Prototyping Centre. CEO V Sridharan mentioned, “The innovation and training centre is like an entry level for people to get exposed and carry out research and experimentation processes, while at rapid prototyping centre, we have more advanced and expensive machines.”

The launch of FIRST incubator will serve as one more stepping stone in cementing 3D printing industry in India. Initiatives like these are sure to help in the growth story of India’s 3D Printing Industry.


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