India’s MaxPetZ is introducing 3D printing for reconstructive veterinary surgeries

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MaxPetZ is introducing 3D printing for reconstructive surgeries in veterinary field
MaxPetZ is introducing 3D printing for reconstructive surgeries in veterinary field/Source: MaxPetZ

MaxPetZ, an Indian veterinary hospital chain, has announced that it will begin offering 3D printing for reconstructive veterinary surgeries. In the veterinary industry, 3D printing technology will be used to plan various types of surgeries and curate tailor-made prosthetics.

The hospital chain will offer 3D printing technology in all of its locations, covering a wide range of medical disciplines such as gastrointestinal, cardiology, orthopaedics, and neurosurgery, as well as cancer treatment.

3D printing for reconstructive veterinary surgeries

Speaking on the subject, Dr. Leena Dalal, senior veterinary surgeon and oncologist at MaxPetZ, stated that this would be the first time 3D printing has been used in India to treat animals.

“Veterinarians while doing reconstruction surgeries, which range from complex fracture repairs to joint replacement or a tumour in the brain, can use the 3D technology to pre-plan surgeries or perform mock procedures.”

– Leena Dalal, senior veterinary surgeon and oncologist MaxPetZ

Kunal Dev Sharma, senior veterinary surgeon and head of orthopaedics and neurology at MaxPetZ, stated that the technology will allow us to more accurately plan surgery and create customised implants.

The technology will also be used to create visual teaching aids for MaxPetZ’s resident doctors, which will shorten the learning curve and improve their ability to quickly assimilate and apply anatomical details.

Dalal added, “We can use this technology to create 3D models of 2D echo or CT Scan images, which can then be used to understand and even pre-plan surgeries accordingly.”

MaxPetZ 3D Printed Moulds

MaxPetZ specialists introduced total hip replacement using 3D printed moulds in November 2023, and seven dogs have since been successfully operated on, with a few more in the planning stages.

3D printing technology can also be used for reconstructive surgeries, particularly in cancer treatment, to help reduce disfigurement in animals undergoing surgery.

Dr. Sharma said, “This approach will mark a significant stride forward in leveraging technology to improve both the quality of care and outcomes for animal patients.”

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