3DCompare Brings Transparency, Ease of Use and Reliability with its New On-Demand Manufacturing Services

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UK-based 3DCompare, a leading on-demand manufacturing platform announced a significant new update to its On-Demand Manufacturing tool stack, with the launch of a White Label Instant Pricing Tool (IPT) for manufacturers’ own business and an update to its Marketplace where users can pick Post-Processing techniques and can know and set delivery lead times.


On-Demand Manufacturing

Image Credit: 3DCompare

3DCompare is a world-leading on-Demand Manufacturing platform, which offers a wide range of technologies and materials for any company to make their digital products in 3D. With quality and openness in mind, 3DCompare has been receiving great feedback from its customers since inception in 2017.

Speaking about the new developments, Alex Ziff CEO at 3DCompare said, “Over the last few months, we at have been very busy listening to partners on how to improve the platform so it can work more for the needs of our On-Demand Manufacturing partners. We offer a free starter pack of our IPT as we help partners increase their revenue and cut down the time giving quotes to their customers. After speaking to our current partners they’re in need of a great tool, at a great price.”

3DCompare tool stack now provides three B2B services to manufacturers; a full stack offering

  1. Marketplace Platform
  2. Newly Developed White label Instant pricing tool (IPT)
  3. CRM & CMS for Manufacturing

Alex continued, “Today we are releasing some great new features with the IPT, Market-Place, and CRM. If customers are interested in seeing them, they can set up a time to have a demo directly with me – through my email: or go to our website through a quick sign up,”

The White Labeled Instant Pricing Tool (IPT):  Quotes made instant and easy for your customers

On-Demand Manufacturing

Above: 3DCompare’s IPT portal offering two options for receiving quotation/Image Credit: 3DCompare

The 3DCompare team has built an IPT that is very easy to integrate into your business website to offer your users an instant 3D printing quote and a request-a-quote form that links seamlessly to the CRM Platform to manage all your orders and customers.

On-Demand Manufacturing

Above: 3DCompare’s IPT portal user interface panel/Image Credit: 3DCompare

“The reason for us releasing a White label Instant Pricing Tool (IPT) for the On-Demand Manufacturing market is we believe that there is a gap in the market for a low-price high-end tool like this so that anyone from a large enterprise to small businesses and hobbyists looking to get up and running can benefit to drive growth,” said Alex Ziff

CRM and CSM Tool: Manage seamlessly your prospects and customers

On-Demand Manufacturing

Above: 3DCompare’s CSM & CRM platform/Image Credit: 3DCompare

The CSM & CRM platform (connected to the IPT) helps reduce administrative time, and the new update brings several new exciting features. They now work with both PayPal and Stripe as payment providers. This means they don’t hold your funds like others – it’s straight into your account.

Customers that have used your tool to put in orders can all be viewed in one central place, as can the orders themselves.

In Manufacturing Settings, Lead Time and Post Processing are now included. Adding these settings will help you and your users get a price that suits their needs and timing. In Shipping, you now can choose several custom shipping options.

And finally, Manual Quotation is your one-stop solution for all the routine: fixing, estimating, proposing, invoicing customers. This way you can easily handle any customer requests, whether they came from email, phone or store.

Marketplace: Increase your visibility and your sales

On-Demand Manufacturing

Above: 3DCompare’s B2B Marketplace/Image Credit: 3DCompare

“Our B2B Marketplace continues to grow – we’ve had nearly 15,000 quotes requested.  As we now add in more features, we are still looking to grow our number of Business partners who can offer first class high-quality services to businesses looking to produce their 3D objects on our On-Demand Manufacturing marketplace,“ said Alex.

There will be many more new features coming in the near future.

How is 3DCompare different?

They now offer a free version of the White label Instant pricing tool (IPT) for up to 30 (20?) quotes or a Monthly subscription fee starting at £9.99 for up to 100 quotes/month. Depending on the business needs, as opposed to a percentage of the sale. It’s a professional Platform, designed and run to meet industry needs for 3D Printing and On-Demand Manufacturing.


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