3D printing stocks jump as reports suggest Apple is testing 3D printing for Apple Watches

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3D Printing stocks jump as reports suggest Apple is testing 3D Printing for Apple Watches
Apple Watch Series 9/Source: Apple

Last year, in 2023, we heard that Apple was testing 3D printing technologies to create the chassis for the next Apple Watch Series 9. Bloomberg said that if first testing are successful, Apple will use 3D printing to manufacture more products. A recent news by Bloomberg (again) reported that Apple is testing 3D Printing for Apple Watches.

While we don’t know how the tests went last year and whether they were successful, but the latest report again indicate that Apple is testing 3D printing technology.

Apple testing 3D Printing for Apple Watches

Apple Watch chassis are now manufactured using standard procedures. The 3D printing process would cut both the time required to create the devices and the amount of material used, which are both obvious benefits of the technology.

Apple also plans to use 3D printing to create the next edition of the titanium-enclosed Apple Watch Ultra, although the company has yet to mass-produce the 3D printed aluminium shells used in Apple’s Mac and iPad lineups, according to Bloomberg.

Rumours or news leaks of this nature have been circulating annually prior to Apple’s WWDC event in June. This might potentially be one, but with Apple, you never know.

The story did not specify which companies Apple would collaborate with, but 3D printing stocks were higher in the mid-afternoon. 3D Systems (DDD) was up 7.8% to $6.61, Desktop Metal (DM) was up 15% to $1.84, Stratasys (SSYS) was up 3.4% to $14.49, and Voxeljet’s American depositary receipts (VJET) were up 2.6% to $1.20.

3D Printing in India
Inkjet print heads dispensing binding agent/Source: ExOne

The rationale for the increase in these particular companies is rather evident. Apple will collaborate with established companies that have proven, world-class technology. Something that all of the firms mentioned above have. Second, because they are testing the Apple Watch, and sources indicate that the business is printing the Apple Watch chassis, which is composed of stainless steel, you will need a metal 3D printer capable of mass production.

As we all know, not all 3D printing technologies have mass manufacturing capabilities, but powder bed fusion, particularly binder jetting technology, has the potential to 3D print in large quantities when the parts are tiny.

Stock prices of 3D Systems (DMP metal 3D printer series), Stratasys (SAF™ powder bed fusion technology), Desktop Metal (with the acquisition of ExOne), and Voxeljet have strong hold on the binder jetting technology have all seen speculative rise in their stock prices.

If the report does not acquire traction, stocks may fall again, but only time will tell whether it is another rumour or definitive news.

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