6 Key Benefits of 3D Printing in Education

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Benefits of 3D printing in education
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With 3D printers becoming more economical, educational institutions are actively turning to this technology as a valuable and sustainable educational tool. If you’re an educator or a professional in the education industry, here are six key benefits of incorporating 3D printing in education.

Six benefits of 3D Printing in Education

Fosters creativity

Promoting creativity is one of the most notable benefits of incorporating 3D printing in education. Learners, regardless of age, can cultivate their creative side and translate their visions into tangible objects. They have the chance to create physical items, such as 3D printed statues, that they can utilize to learn faster and more efficiently. Instead of abstract concepts, they can design innovative solutions and modify them as they see fit.

Boosts problem-solving skills

3D printing technology allows learners to be exposed to different learning experiences, strengthening their analytical thinking in the process. For instance, math students can produce scale models to help solve complex mathematical equations. Science teachers can print out 3D models of atoms, molecules, and other scientific elements to help their students think outside the box and explore new learning possibilities.

Fosters independent thinking

Aside from knowing how to operate 3D printers, students also learn how to troubleshoot these devices. They develop their own designs, choose their parameters and materials, and ensure everything is properly calibrated. By allowing students to navigate and manage 3D printers independently, they will become more confident with their skills and help them to make more informed choices.

Improves student engagement

Since students learn more efficiently through application, they need more hands-on experiences than theoretical ones. With 3D printing technology, educators can craft activities that can engage active learning, especially for reluctant and passive learners. While books and traditional learning resources are greatly beneficial, students tend to participate more when presented with physical objects. 3D printing can boost students’ learning confidence and ensure they absorb the information discussed in class.

Assists with challenging concepts

Teachers can better demonstrate complex learning concepts with the help of 3D models. Instead of repeatedly and painstakingly going over a challenging subject matter, educators can turn them into real-life items that their students can touch and inspect. For instance, rather than letting students watch old videos of evolution or the parts of the human body, educators can produce tangible examples to make the topic exciting and lively.

Prepares students for the future

Educators can use 3D printing technology to introduce real-life world challenges to their students and help equip them with essential skills they can use in the future. It can teach them how to work together as a team to create innovative solutions for the betterment of the school and the community.

For instance, teachers can challenge their students to develop innovative models to solve climate change or the benefits of sustainable living. Since 3D printing technology has been embraced by various sectors, knowing how it operates can significantly help learners once they step into the professional world.

As 3D printing technology becomes widely accepted in the education industry, students of all ages have a higher chance of becoming responsible, confident, independent, and innovative professionals of our society. 

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