AddUp and Interspectral partner to Reduce Quality Inspection Costs

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AddUp and Interspectral aim to reduce quality inspection costs for manufacturers
Above: AddUp and Interspectral aim to reduce quality inspection costs for manufacturers/Source: AddUp Solutions

AddUp Solutions, a global metal additive manufacturing OEM known for its FormUp® and BeAM 3D printers, has entered into a development and licence agreement with Interspectral, a Swedish 3D visualisation and data fusion software company. The goal of this collaboration is to develop an advanced AM Monitoring data visualisation solution in order to reduce quality inspection costs and improve efficiency.

Interspectral’s AM Explorer 3D visualisation software will be bundled with AddUp’s melt pool monitoring solution under the terms of the agreement. This new solution will be available on all new AddUp systems equipped with Melt Pool Monitoring around the world.

Reducing Quality Inspection Costs through AM Explorer

AM Explorer is an OEM agnostic 3D visualization software
Above: AM Explorer is an OEM agnostic 3D visualization software/Source: Interspectral

AM Explorer is an OEM-agnostic 3D visualisation software developed by Interspectral that allows end users to create multi-channel digital twins from design, simulation, monitoring, and post-build part analysis data collected during the AM process.

AM Explorer allows AddUp customers to explore and analyse massive melt pool datasets in full 3D, with data collected both during and after production.

“This is a major breakthrough in the additive manufacturing industry and the first in-depth OEM integration of our multi-channel visualization solution AM Explorer. Through this in-depth integration, Interspectral and AddUp have empowered 3D printers with AM Explorer to achieve optimized efficiency for additive manufacturing production.”

– Isabelle Hachette, CEO at Interspectral

Both parties’ development and licence agreement will result in new major releases of AM Explorer that will be bundled with AddUp’s melt pool monitoring solution. This November, a first version of AM Explorer with AddUp integration will be demonstrated in the AddUp booth at Formnext 2022. (Hall 12, E01).

AddUp’s FormUp® 350 includes one of the most advanced monitoring suites on the market, based on three interconnected solutions. Following the successful launch of AddUp Dashboards and the introduction of a closed-loop powder bed monitoring solution in February, the company is now focusing on melt pool control. This system, which is based on multi-sensor hardware mounted into the optical chain, tracks in real-time power and emissivity drifts, as well as the physical position of the lasers’ spot, by achieving micron-level accuracy for every single layer and tailoring datasets to different user profiles; this solution provides valuable insights for many other job functions, such as quality experts working towards serial production.

About Interspectral: Interspectral is a technology company based in Norrköping, Sweden that specialises in 3D digitization, 3D visualisation, and advanced data fusion. The company is a global player with customers in over 20 countries.

About AddUp: AddUp is a global metal additive manufacturing OEM founded by Michelin and Fives that offers multi-technology production systems such as the FormUp® range of robust and open-architecture Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) machines, as well as the BeAM Modulo and Magic lines of industrial Directed Energy Deposition (DED) machines.

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