The Advantages of 3D Printing for Startups

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3D Printing for Startups

3D printing has literally existed since 1980’s but only recently has it actually impacted the world. Every day we hear some of the seemingly impossible, creatively unfathomable products being created with the help of this technology. More importantly, the price of using this technology is lowering every single day and it is more likely to be used now than ever before.

3D printing has some inherent advantages for every single application and that is the reason almost every industry has incorporated and is incorporating 3D printing in its fold. One of the several applications of 3D printing is for startups. Startups are inherently low on funding and are constantly seeking innovative ways to solve a problem. What better way to cost-effectively create products which are not only cheap but also aesthetically appealing? There simply isn’t any other way better than 3D printing for startups. The following are some of the benefits of 3D printing for startups.


The most important fact is that 3D printing can create a functional prototype with ease. While the cheap methods to make a prototype may have some restrictions on the functionality of the product, 3D printing has no such limitations. It can perfectly replicate your design and it can be fully functional (as close to the original).

3D Printed Prototypes

3D Printed Prototypes for a gaming mouse produced for testing purpose
Image Credit: 3D Hubs


Startups always face a cash crunch and for them, 3D printing is the best option available. Products require a heavy investment and unless you have the product, the investors are not interested in even having a meeting. The next best way is to make a functional prototype (Proof of Concept) but that too requires a high investment and takes time as it is only a single piece production. 3D printing eliminates all these issues and it will create the perfect prototype of your product which will be extremely cheap as compared to traditional methods.


Strength of 3D printing lies in the fact that it is highly customisable and startups can use this strength to design their products the way they want. 3D printing offers a lot of freedom when it comes to designing and allows total customisation of designs. Startups can reap benefits from this feature of the technology and build highly customised products that meet the needs of their customers.

3D printed car accessories

Mini has enabled the consumers to customise the car accessories with the help of 3D Printing/
Image Credit: Jalopnik


One other advantage of 3D printing over traditional manufacturing is the fact that it can easily create even a single piece. Traditional manufacturing methods despise a single piece but 3D printing has no such limitations. Even a single piece can be manufactured.

A prototype converted into a real metal product for real-world application

A prototype converted into a real metal product for real-world application/Image Credit: Renishaw


3D printed parts are a bit coarse on the outside but they can be post-processed and even coloured, dyed and polished to make the surface finish smooth, shiny or glossy. The products can be made aesthetically appealing as per the requirement.

Startups can benefit a lot from exploiting the benefits of 3D printing. It can not only save them loads of money but will also help them appropriately present their products to investors, or customers.


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