AMT launches PostPro DPX – a new affordable automatic depowdering system

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AMT launches PostPro DPX - a new affordable automatic depowdering system
AMT DPX (Depowdering) and SFX (Chemical Vapor Smoothing) Bundle/Source: AMT

Following the launch of the PostPro SFX, a desktop chemical vapour smoothing system, which sold over 100 units in two months, AMT has now launched a new affordable automatic depowdering system – PostPro DPX, for non-industrial 3D printing market segment. This is its latest addition to the ‘X’ series.

The DPX, priced at 15,995 EUR, is intended to supplement the SFX’s desktop capabilities by providing high-efficiency post-processing and cleaning for 3D-printed parts in a cost-effective and compact package.

Post-Processing with Automatic Depowdering System

The new affordable DPX Depowdering System
The new affordable DPX Depowdering System/Source: AMT

The PostPro DPX is designed for ease of use, safety, and performance. Its compact design, combined with advanced features such as an intuitive touchscreen interface, an ionisation unit for static reduction, a powerful filtration system, and, most importantly, ATEX certification, distinguishes it from competing systems on the market.

The PostPro DPX is specifically designed for businesses that use desktop 3D printing technologies from Formlabs and Sinterit.

The DPX is ideal for environments where high throughput, safety, and space efficiency are critical. This makes it an ideal addition for users in industries such as dental, jewellery, and prototyping, who rely on small scale and desktop printers for detailed and high-quality printing.

PostPro DPX Pricing and Bundle Offers

AMT is offering a special bundle package that includes both the PostPro DPX and the SFX, our chemical vapour smoothing system, for a total of 35,995 EUR.

This bundle is intended to provide a comprehensive post-processing solution at a significant savings, allowing businesses to take full advantage of AMT’s innovative technologies to improve their 3D printing processes.

These introductory offers are part of our commitment to making advanced post-processing technologies available to a broader range of additive manufacturing businesses.

About AMT: AMT specialises in developing innovative solutions that transform how 3D printed parts are finished. With a focus on sustainability, performance, and quality, AMT’s products, including the successful SFX and the new DPX, have set the standard for post-processing in additive manufacturing.

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