AMT to launch the new PostPro SF PP Vapour Smoothing System at Formnext 2022

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Patented PostPro SF PP
Patented PostPro SF PP/Source: AMT PostPro

AMT, a leader in automated post-processing systems, announces the launch of their new polypropylene vapour smoothing system – the PostPro SF PP. This patented polypropylene surface finishing system, will be unveiled at Formnext 2022. Top industry material producers such as HP, BASF Forward AM, Ricoh, and AM Polymers have validated the PostPro SF PP.

The systems are now available for pre-order and will be delivered in early 2023.


Polypropylene (PP) is a polymer with desirable properties that is commonly used in automotive, medical, and consumer applications. Polypropylene parts, on the other hand, require proper surface finishing to be functional. Polypropylene typically exhibits extreme chemical resistance to certain chemicals, making chemical processing difficult. With PostPro SF PP, AMT has created a solution to this problem.

The results of the system’s validation with multiple end customers show that surface imperfections on parts, including those with complex geometries and internal cavities, are eliminated.

Polypropylene Vapour Smoothing System

Production-ready Polypropylene Vapour Smoothing System
Production-ready Polypropylene Vapour Smoothing System/Source: AMT PostPro

Polypropylene and PostPro surface finishing have been used successfully in medical applications such as prosthetic devices, demonstrating their effectiveness in highly regulated industries. The combination of BASF Ultrasint® PP and PostPro SF PP produced superior 3D printed components, allowing polypropylene parts to be used in a wide range of industries and applications.

The PostPro SF PP has the same ergonomic footprint and processing technology as its predecessors and provides a controllable surface finishing solution that reduces surface roughness and texture while enhancing mechanical properties.

“Polypropylene (PP) is one of the most frequently used plastics in the world for traditional manufacturing. At AMT, we believe a similar trend will follow within additive manufacturing. PP can target a variety of 3D printing applications including Automotive, Biopharma, and Medical. Surface finish is crucial for these applications, and I am thrilled to share the last 24 months of hard work with the world. The PostPro SF PP is a production-ready automated chemical vapour smoothing technology that will enable 3D Printed PP for end-use parts at scale.’’

– Giorgio Ioannides, Global Head of Sales, AMT

AMT will showcase the PostPro SF PP on their Formnext 2022 booth, along with a wall dedicated to the display of polypropylene parts.

Visit the team at Formnext Hall 12.1 Booth #D39 next to HP to learn more about the launch of AMT’s PostPro SF PP. On Wednesday, November 16th at 4:00 PM, AMT will host a dedicated expert presentation about the SF PP machine at their booth.

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