Anisoprint and Vellon Space partner to explore CFC 3D Printing for Space Applications

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Anisoprint and Vellon Space Explore CFC 3D Printing for Space Applications
Anisoprint and Vellon Space Explore CFC 3D Printing for Space Applications/Source: Anisoprint

Anisoprint, a leading provider of high-performance 3D printing technology, and Vellon Space, a Startup specializing in developing innovative solutions for space exploration, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore the use of Continuous Fiber Reinforced (CFC) 3D printing for space applications.

Anisoprint keeps moving towards space exploration with collaborations and projects for facilitating space in-situ additive manufacturing of continuous fiber reinforced composites. The current step is another MoU that outlines a collaboration between Anisoprint and Vellon Space to investigate the potential of Anisoprint’s composite 3D printing technology to manufacture high-strength, lightweight structures for space applications. Vellon Space will make use of the opportunities of Anisoprint’s technology in the harsh and demanding environment of space.

“We are excited to work with Vellon Space to explore the use of our composite 3D printing technology in space applications. Our technology is ideally suited for manufacturing lightweight, high-strength structures that can withstand the extreme conditions of space. We believe that this collaboration will allow us to demonstrate the unique capabilities of our technology in a challenging and demanding environment.”

– Dmitrii Prokopiuk, Head of Space Development, Anisoprint

CFC 3D Printing for Space Applications

Anisoprint Industrial 3D printers
Above: Anisoprint Industrial 3D printers/Image Source: Anisoprint

Continuous Fiber Reinforced or CFC 3D printing is a carbon fibre 3D printing process. There are typically two ways to incorporate fibres in 3D printing – Chopped and Continuous. And the resulting parts are very different in properties. The added fiber serves as a booster for plastics enhancing their parameters by certain values. Both types of reinforcement have their own characteristics, application areas, and technologies associated with them.

Anisoprint uses the continuous fibre method in its 3D printers like the Composer A3 and Composer A4.

“We believe that Anisoprint’s technology has the potential to revolutionise the way we manufacture structures for space. By leveraging the unique properties of composite materials and additive manufacturing, we can design and manufacture structures that are stronger, lighter, and more resilient than ever before. We believe that our miniaturised space laboratory and infrastructure will bring extensive opportunities for Make in space for space and Make in space for the earth.”

– Ajay Kumar JK, CEO, Vellon Space

Under the MoU, Anisoprint and Vellon Space will collaborate on testing the manufacturing of continuous fiber reinforced composites for space hardware components, including satellite structures, functional spare parts, and customised components. The two companies will also explore the use of composite materials and additive manufacturing techniques and develop a more sustainable and autonomous presence in space and a more reliable and independent hardware operation.

About Vellon Space: Vellon Space is an Indian space technology Startup that aims to bring together the best of what space and space-related technology can offer to benefit everyone by providing access to space & operating in space. We are developing customisable autonomous and miniaturised laboratories for research & development in space.

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