Anycubic and JBD developing a new consumer-grade MicroLED 3D Printer

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Size comparison of the consumer-grade MicroLED 3D printer
Above: Size comparison of the consumer-grade MicroLED 3D printer/Source: Anycubic

Anycubic, a leading 3D printer manufacturer, is partnering with Jade Bird Display (JBD), a leading manufacturer of MicroLED displays, to create the world’s first consumer-grade MicroLED 3D printer. The new system has a working name as J1 (may be renamed during the commercial launch) and is the first collaboration between these two companies.

The consumer-grade MicroLED 3D printer is said to be just taller than a regular 550ml beverage can – only about 175mm in height. Both companies are aiming to explore the application and innovation of 3D printing technology.

“Always exploring new utility areas is what retains JBD shifting ahead. On this cooperation with Anycubic, JBD will observe the identical dedication to offering prospects with high-quality MicroLED merchandise. And based mostly on this, we’ll speed up the promotion of extra modern MicroLED know-how merchandise and consistently surpass the benchmarks we’ve got set, pushing additional the progressive boundaries of the trade.”

– Dr. Li Qiming, the founder and CEO of JBD

J1 MicroLED 3D Printer

JBD’s UV MicroLED Display and the latest adjustable 0.3CC light engine will be included in the MicroLED 3D printer. It includes a compact light module, which adds flexibility to the printer’s design and provides 3D printing users with a portable experience. Anycubic guarantees high accuracy, low energy consumption, and a long lifespan for the MicroLED 3D printer at a competitive price.

The J1 MicroLED 3D printer can print details as small as 10m due to the high pixel density (>6000PPI) MicroLED micro-display, and the energy consumption during operation is only 6W. Furthermore, JBD’s long-lasting light module will allow the MicroLED 3D Printer to operate for more than 20000 hours, significantly extending its lifespan. The J1 3D printer can be used to print high-precision prototype parts for aerospace, medicine, and other high-tech fields that require high printing accuracy.

JBD 0.3CC UV MicroLED Projector
Above: JBD 0.3CC UV MicroLED Projector/Source: JBD

MicroLED is a cutting-edge micro-display technology that is popular in many applications due to its exceptional characteristics such as ultra-high brightness, high contrast, wide colour gamut, low power consumption, and so on.

JBD MicroLEDs are made with its semiconductor hybrid integration technology. It’s also a well-established technology that’s made by combining inorganic III-V light-emitting material LEDs with a silicon-based CMOS backplane. It can be used to create ultra-high pixel pitch micro-displays with pixel densities exceeding 10,000 PPI and semiconductor materials capable of emitting wavelengths spanning the entire spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared.

The MicroLED’s 0.13-inch ultraviolet (UV) light engine combined the advantages of small size, high contrast ratio, and ultra-low power consumption. It is crucial in the creation of this pocket-sized 3D printer.

A spokesperson from Anycubic said, “We have been following the concept of developing accessible, practical, and innovative products. The cooperation with JBD demonstrates our creativity in product development and the progress that we have made in producing portable 3D printers. It will enable us to go far in unleashing people’s creativity and making people enjoy the freedom in creation.”

The product will most likely be unveiled in 2022 at the TCT Asia Exhibition in August and the CIOE Expo in September.

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