Anycubic unveils the new Kobra 3 combo and other products

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Anycubic introduces the Kobra 3 Combo
Anycubic introduces the Kobra 3 Combo/Source: Anycubic

Anycubic, the Chinese 3D printer manufacturer, has officially unveiled the Kobra 3 Combo, which includes the Kobra 3 3D printer and the all-new Anycubic Colour Engine Pro (ACE Pro). It provides Anycubic users with a completely new multi-coloured 3D printing experience. Pricing and full specifications will be revealed on April 22, 2024.

This release also includes a number of corresponding upgrades to the Anycubic App and Slicer, as well as the previously announced live Anycubic community Makeronline, which completes the package. With significant firmware upgrades and a partnership with PANTONE, multi-colour printing becomes even more dynamic and enjoyable for users.

Anycubic Kobra 3 Combo

Kobra 3 3D Printer: Speedy and Stable

Anycubic Kobra 3
Anycubic Kobra 3/Source: Anycubic

The introduction of the Anycubic Kobra 3 serves as a racing powerhouse ready to boost your printing game. This sleek machine builds on the solid foundation of its predecessor, the Anycubic Kobra 2 series, and includes some significant upgrades. Consider blazing through single-colour regular printing at a mind-blowing speed of 600mm per minute. But speed isn’t its only advantage.

The Kobra 3 is outfitted with standard features such as accelerometers, vibration compensators, and flow control mechanisms, ensuring that your prints maintain flawless quality even at high speeds. Plus, with a larger print volume of 250 x 250 x 260mm, you’re looking at a 34% increase over its predecessor.

Under its sleek exterior, the Kobra 3 runs the fully optimised firmware Kobra OS. This firmware provides increased computing power and lightning-fast motor response, allowing for precise movements and filament extrusions. Its built-in accelerometer module detects X/Y axis resonance frequencies and makes intelligent motion control adjustments to reduce pesky artefacts like banding and ringing, ensuring that each print is as fine as the last.

Anycubic Colour Engine Pro

The Anycubic Colour Engine Pro (ACE Pro)
The Anycubic Colour Engine Pro (ACE Pro)/Source: Anycubic

The Anycubic Colour Engine Pro (ACE Pro) introduces a new level of convenience and dependability to the table. ACE Pro supports simultaneous printing with two linked boxes, which can accommodate up to eight colours at once. RFID recognition for Anycubic filaments ensures seamless printing quality.

Recognising the negative effects of moisture on print quality, ACE Pro incorporates an active drying function, setting it apart as the only product on the market to combine active drying with multi-colour printing capabilities. Its intelligent side-drying feature keeps filaments dry even after extended print sessions of up to 24 hours, ensuring ideal printing conditions and flawless results for every creation.

With its anti-tangling protection design, you can say goodbye to printing issues caused by filament tangling. Switching between colours has never been smoother thanks to a clever parallel connection of four discharge tubes. No more laboriously rolling back filament inside the tubes; instead, enjoy seamless, hassle-free colour changes that keep your printing process flowing smoothly. Furthermore, with its intelligent Colour Change function, waste is reduced, and prints are completed faster than ever.

Exclusive PANTONE Filament Colours

With Anycubic’s collaboration with PANTONE, users can now get unique and true-to-life colours for your next colourful print. Introducing the first 3D printing industry-certified consumable Colours, which include Peach Fuzz, Interstellar Violet, Tropical Turquoise, and Spring Leaf. Each colour tells a distinct story, adding depth and personality to your printed artworks. Prepare to unleash your creativity and experience a kaleidoscope of colours like never before.

As hardware and collaboration lead you down the vibrant path, a well-established software and connection platform will take you deeper into the 3D printing amusement park. The Anycubic App and Slicer, as well as the new community platform, Makeronline, and improved after-sales service that includes a 30-day return or refund policy, are invaluable additions to your Colourful journey.

The Anycubic App and Slicer

The Anycubic App and Slicer are indispensable tools for navigating the world of multicolour printing. These powerful software solutions provide comprehensive features for colouring, modifying, and slicing multi-colour models, greatly simplifying the complexities of multi-colour 3D printing.

They enable seamless remote control and monitoring, allowing users to manage their 3D printers from a variety of devices, including computers and smartphones. Configuring an external camera allows you to monitor the printing progress in real time and conduct live video surveillance, giving you peace of mind when printing off-site. Furthermore, upcoming LAN mode support in the Anycubic Slicer promises even greater convenience and privacy for users, with more exciting features on the way.

Makeronline Community

Makeronline, a community platform
Makeronline, a community platform/Source: Anycubic

Makeronline, Anycubic’s innovative community platform, serves as a hub for over a thousand 3D model designers, creating a vibrant and inspiring creative environment. Within this community, users can share their creative endeavours, connect with other enthusiasts from around the world, and learn about the vast potential of 3D printing. Makeronline also hosts dynamic competitions, giving participants the opportunity to win generous creation bonuses and exclusive community points, which adds to the collaborative experience.

With the introduction of multi-colour printing by Anycubic, 3D printing finds application in a wide range of scenarios, meeting a wide range of creative needs while overcoming the limitations of single-colour printing in terms of showcasing creativity. Enhanced software applications give users more control over printer operation, while Makeronline acts as a catalyst for communication, inspiring users’ creative ingenuity and elevating the role of 3D printing. Multi-colour printing adds vibrancy to 3D creativity, making works more vivid and captivating, from personalised fashion accessories to interactive educational toys and home decorations, allowing you to easily realise myriad creative visions and bringing 3D printing technology to every household.

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