Axial3D grows Revenues by 300% during Covid-19 Pandemic

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Axial3D has developed groundbreaking automated 3D imaging and printing offerings, using Artificial Intelligence, for surgeons which can dramatically advance the standards of surgical planning, diagnosis and treatment worldwide, particularly in the areas of neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, trauma and orthopedics. Surgeons using these solutions typically report a reduction of an average of 62 minutes time taken for critical surgeries, and an average reduction of the time of stay in the hospital by 18%.

Copper3D announces the new SLA, Antimicrobial and Biocompatible 3D Printing Resin, Glaciarys AR3(R)

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Although Copper3D began its journey as a pioneer in antimicrobial materials for FDM technology, it soon turned its focus to SLA technology, due to the high quality that can be obtained with this type of printing and the great potential for disruption that could have this technology combined with their antimicrobial additive developments.

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Bringing insole 3D Printing from Prototyping to Production

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The orthopaedic insole market is significantly increasing these years, as the number of diabetes and foot problem patients continues to rise. A proper personalized insole significantly increases the comfort and well-being of such patients. The orthopaedic insole production is currently challenged by the lack of trained orthopaedic technicians, and many manual and time-consuming workflows.

BCN3D's 3D Printing Technology Creates Biomedical Models that Improve Cancer Surgeries

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Combining X-rays and 3D printing technology allows doctors to use scans of the patient to produce a virtual model of the area of interest. This model can then be printed according to lifelike dimensions and sizings. IDEX technology is particularly advantageous here, as the model can be printed in different materials, to replicate different parts of the body such as bones or tissue.