Surgeon Uses 3D Printed Cardiac Model from axial3D to Improve Patient Safety

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Axial3D, the medical 3D Printing Solutions Company has been a forerunner in offering the medical community with unique 3D printing and modelling solutions. This time the company, through its precision 3D medical modelling has offered a surgeon with a 3D printed cardiac model that helped the surgeon to improve patient safety in a complex surgery that involved fixing multiple congenital heart defects.

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SLM Solutions prints E-Drive housing from Porsche on NXG XII 600

2 Mins read
The company in a recent official release announced that its machine has set a new milestone in terms of productivity, size, reliability and safety and paves the way to the future of manufacturing. Now, SLM Solutions presents application examples, produced on the NXG XII 600, which impressively illustrate the speed and productivity of the machine to reduce part costs.

NASA’s 3D Printed Rocket Engine Parts Survives 23 Hot-Fire Tests

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After completing rigorous testing procedures in November this year, NASA, the premier space agency under the U.S. Federal Government, demonstrated that two 3D printed rocket engine components namely, a copper alloy combustion chamber and nozzle made of a high-strength hydrogen resistant alloy, have survived 23 hot-fire tests. The components had to undergo extreme combustion environments that traditionally manufactured metal structures experience in flight.