AquaSys GP – A New water-soluble support material offers an alternative to PVA

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AquaSys GP is a water-soluble support material
Above: AquaSys GP is a water-soluble support material/Source: Infinite Materials Solutions

AquaSys® General Purpose (GP), a water-soluble support material compatible with most polyesters, was recently launched by Infinite Materials Solutions, LLC (Infinite™), an innovator in material design for additive manufacturing. It is a direct replacement for polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and outperforms standard polylactic acid (PLA)-type build materials in terms of performance and print fidelity.

Its designers hope that the dependable high-performance material will usher in a new era in the industry because it saves time and money and is accessible to a wide range of users.

AquaSys GP – Water Soluble 3D Printing Material

AquaSys GP, which is specifically designed for use in fused filament fabrication (FFF) and direct pellet extrusion systems, dissolves 20% faster in room-temperature tap water than PVA, can be easily removed without the use of harsh chemicals, and can be printed with a wide range of machines, including lower-cost dual extruder printers. With its moisture mitigation properties, AquaSys GP can print in high humidity conditions and is compatible with PET, PETG, PLA, and other common materials. 

AquaSys GP has the potential to replace PVA
Above: AquaSys GP has the potential to replace PVA/Source: Infinite Materials Solutions

AquaSys GP is expected to appeal to a wide range of consumers, from hobbyists to seasoned professionals, according to the company. The material was first demonstrated at the RAPID + TCT additive manufacturing conference earlier this spring.

“We love AquaSys GP. As a 3D solutions provider, it’s great to have AquaSys GP to recommend to our customers. We have a lot of customers using PLA and Tough PLA, and this is the perfect support material.”

– Jason Tzintzun, Marketing & Operations Manager for Source Graphics

Jeff Feddersen, Senior Sales Manager at Infinite said, “We’ve been listening to our customers for years and have heard their frustrations with the drawbacks of PVA materials. We’re happy to finally bring them AquaSys GP. PLA comprises 70% of all build materials used in the fused deposition modeling (FDM) market—we really think this is going to change everything and become the standard by which all other support materials are judged.”

AquaSys GP joins Infinite’s line of disruptive materials: AquaSys® 120 and AquaSys® 180 water-soluble support filaments and Caverna™ PP, a polypropylene build material with a water-soluble, co-continuous, microporous morphology. 

About Infinite Material Solutions: Infinite Material Solutions, LLC is an innovation house, based in Prescott, Wisconsin, USA, that develops wholly unique materials for additive manufacturing. The company was founded as a joint venture between Nagase America, a multinational manufacturer-distributor of raw materials and specialty chemicals, and Interfacial Solutions, a Wisconsin-based firm focused on creating highly differentiated technology platforms.

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