Indian Army Engineers build Concrete 3D Printed Houses for Jawans

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Concrete 3D Printed houses for Jawans of the Indian Army
Above: Concrete 3D Printed houses for Jawans of the Indian Army/Image Source: Hindustan Times

The Indian Army’s Military Engineering Services (MES) built two concrete 3D printed houses for jawans in three weeks using 3D Construction Technology, a first for India. These concrete 3D printed houses, constructed in South-Western Air Command in Gandhinagar, are the first-of-its-kind structures in India.

Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, a Chennai-based startup, collaborated with the Military Engineering Services corps for the construction of the 3D printed house.

Concrete 3D Printed Houses for Jawans

The concrete 3D printed houses for jawans has a built-up area of around 700 square feet and was built in collaboration with Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions who has built the concrete 3D printers in-house. Over the last few years the Startup has gained a reputation for building several such structures that are strong and resilient to various shocks and natural calamities. The recently built 3D printed houses for Indian Army are disaster-resistant and satisfy the Zone-3 earthquake specifications.

According to an official release by the Indian Army (as reported by Hindustan Times), the 3D printed houses are symbolic of modern-day rapid construction efforts to cater faster to the Indian Armed Forces’ growing accommodation requirements.

“These structures also stand testament for the solidarity of the Indian Armed Forces in fostering home-grown technologies that are focused on indigenisation of Defense technologies, as a part of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.”

– Official release by the Indian Army

The press release also shared that, the project’s chief engineer had extensive experience building army structures and had visited a number of stations during his career. He had noted that the lengthy gestation period for securing housing for soldiers necessitated immediate action. He therefore reasoned that rapid construction technologies were the order of the day, and he saw concrete 3D printing as an effective solution that could be adapted within available spaces to meet the housing’s minimal urgent needs.

The official statement has not revealed the entire details on the type of construction 3D printing technology used, the materials, and other specifications, but Manufactur3D will get in touch with the collaborators and bring you an update on the same.

The MES recently completed India’s first 3D Printed sanitary blocks in Jaisalmer, with a total built area of about 600 square feet, ushering in a new era for the capabilities of construction 3D printing in defence applications.

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