ChatGPT for Additive Manufacturing is here with Authentise’ 3DGPT

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Authentise releases 3DGPT – ChatGPT for Additive Manufacturing
Authentise releases 3DGPT – ChatGPT for Additive Manufacturing/Source: Authentise

Authentise, the market leader in data-driven engineering and manufacturing workflow tools, has introduced a new artificial intelligence tool 3DGPT, which is ChatGPT for additive manufacturing technology. It allows users to query the world’s largest collection of additive manufacturing knowledge using everyday language.

“AI is evolving at an incredible pace and it’s time for the additive community to see how it can benefit. Authentise has always focused on integrating the world’s best algorithms into its workflows, and we’re delighted to be the first to teach Large Language Models decades worth of additive knowledge.”

– Andre Wegner, CEO, Authentise

ChatGPT for Additive Manufacturing – 3DGPT

3DGPT – your 3D printing friend & collaborator!/Source: Authentise

The 3D Generative Pre-trained Transformer or simply 3DGPT created by Authentise has been trained with 12,000 scientific additive manufacturing papers to give users the answers they need, just ask!

With 3DGPT, users can ask any question, from “What additive technologies can I use to 3D print concrete?” to “How do I reduce the likelihood of defects when working with Stainless Steel in powder bed fusion?” and receive intelligent answers rooted in deep industry knowledge in return. The answers make use of both the knowledge in the journal articles and standards, as well as the general knowledge on which OpenAI’s ChatGPT is based. The tool is unique in that it provides references to its more technical answers, allowing users to scrutinise 3DGPT’s answers.

You too can try out 3DGPT for free HERE.

It is a given that being an AI model the tool is not fool-proof and it is prone to giving inaccuracies answers but over time it will get better once more and more users start using and giving authentic feedback to the team.

Wagner added, “Personally, I’ve been continually astounded by the know-how in the industry. It’s a pleasure to help make that more accessible, but it’s clearly just the start. There are many ways we think that this tool might be useful inside our product portfolio – whether it’s to help create reliable and efficient workflows or make RFQ’s with many standards references more penetrable. Before that – we, Authentise as well as partners such as ASTM, naturally need to understand the technology’s opportunities and limits; we know that GPT algorithms sometimes hallucinate, for instance. Releasing this at TCT360, an event which epitomizes knowledge sharing, will help us understand how people will and want to use 3D GPT.”

Through SAMRCD, Innovate UK supported the development of 3D GPT. The “Scalable AM Rule Creation & Dissemination” (SAMRCD) project is part of the Transforming Forming Foundation Industries initiative and is funded by the UK government. The project aims to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing for advanced materials. The output will be working rules to optimise material workflows and correlate with manufacturing parameters in order to maximise part acceptance rates and provide environmentally sustainable AM.

ChatGPT has captured the imagination of the world and since its launch in November last year has revolutionised how people are learning and gaining new knowledge. Though it has been trained on a wealth of data, its information and more importantly reliable information on the 3D printing technology is very limited. This new ChatGPT for additive manufacturing – 3DGPT, can revolutionise the 3D printing sector and give students, employees and even experts in the field to study research papers with much ease thus gaining crucial knowledge bound in these research papers. If 3DGPT is able to get better with time and user inputs, and fast, then it can help in spreading knowledge of 3D printing across all stakeholders.

About Authentise: Authentise has focused on providing flexible, data-driven workflows in the most agile manufacturing and engineering settings since its inception at Singularity University in 2012. With its flagship product, Flows, which helps to manage the order to part process by connecting to machines and providing operators with digital tools to enable traceability, repeatability, and efficiency on the shop floor, it has become a leader in process management tools for additive manufacturing. Ricoh, 3M, Danfoss, and other clients have seen savings of up to 93% with a 6x ROI in the first year. Materials Management, Digital Design Warehouse, and RFQ Responder are examples of stand-alone spin-off products.

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