Axtra3D’s new HPS Technology transcends the limits of SLA, DLP, and LCD technologies

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Lumia 3D printer with HPS technology
Above: Hybrid Photosynthesis (HPS) technology unveiled at Formnext 2021/Image Source: Axtra3D

Axtra3D, a cutting-edge company comprised of industry experts, has developed Hybrid Photosynthesis (HPS) – a revolutionary technology that delivers unprecedented combined benefits of SLA, DLP and LCD in one 3D Printer. Axtra3D also announced the launch of its HPS-powered Lumia 3D printer.

The company unveiled this new technology at the ongoing Formnext 2021 trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. Axtra3D will be stationed at booth # 12.0-C41.

“Our patented Hybrid PhotoSynthesis technology is not an evolution. It is a breakthrough that I truly believe will replace all of the current Photopolymer 3D Printing Light Engines.”

– Gianni Zitelli, founder and CEO of Axtra3D

Hybrid Photosynthesis (HPS) Technology

Above: Introduction to Axtra3D’s Hybrid Photosynthesis (HPS) technology/Video Source: Axtra3D/YouTube

Axtra3D’s Hybrid PhotoSynthesis, or HPS, is a patented technology that delivers an industry-changing combination of benefits and ends the need for tradeoffs. Hybrid Photosynthesis (HPS) technology transcends the limits of three resin-based technologies namely SLA, DLP and LCD. It offers fine resolution, large print area, excellent surface quality, and high speed, along with continuous printing and isotropic part performance. The technology, according to the company, will prove to be one of the most disruptive technologies since the inception of 3D Printing.

Axtra3D’s premiere product, the Lumia 3D Printer, featuring HPS technology, combines the speed and resolution of DLP 3D Printing with the surface quality and print area of SLA—delivering an entirely new 3D Printing experience with reliable, scalable, high speed, fine-resolution 3D Printing—all in one machine.

Eliminates Tradeoffs

HPS technology
Above: The HPS technology eliminates the need for tradeoffs/Image Source: Axtra3D

Axtra3D’s HPS technology eliminates the need for tradeoffs between SLA & DLP/LCD technologies by:

  • Surpassing the resolution of DLP/LCD while offering the print area of industrial grade SLA
  • Printing at the speed of DLP/LCD while matching/outperforming the surface quality of SLA
  • Enabling continuous printing and isotropic part performance

Since the inception of Photopolymer 3D Printing, customers have had to choose between SLA and DLP/LCD 3D Printing technologies, a choice that required having to make tradeoffs between print speed and resolution (DLP/LCD) or print area and surface quality (SLA). Axtra3D’s new Lumia 3D Printer, powered by HPS technology, is poised to transform every industry that relies on 3D Printing; including healthcare, both medical and dental, and manufacturing of all kinds– including industrial, consumer, design, automotive, aerospace, and functional prototyping.

About Axtra3D: Axtra3D is a technology company specializing in developing advanced Additive Manufacturing solutions, involving Optoelectronics. Axtra3D is dedicated to transforming the 3D Printing industry with first-of-its-kind technology that provides solutions to the productivity and manufacturing challenges in various industry verticals; including healthcare, both medical and dental, and manufacturing of all kinds, including industrial, consumer, design, automotive, aerospace, and functional prototyping.

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