BASF introduces X3D technology, a revolutionary new catalyst shaping tech

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  • New X3D technology to produce catalysts with optimal shape to achieve best performance and efficiency while reducing energy consumption
BASF introduces X3D™ Technology
Above: BASF introduces X3D™ Technology/Source: BASF

The world’s largest chemical producer, BASF introduces X3D technology, a novel additive manufacturing technology based on 3D printing for catalysts. This technology produces catalysts with an open structure, which results in a lower pressure drop across the reactor and a large surface area, significantly improving the catalysts’ performance. BASF is capable of supplying commercial quantities.

In comparison to traditional production technologies, the technology allows for greater freedom in catalyst design. It improves catalyst performance and allows customers to customise catalysts to their specific conditions and needs by designing infill pattern, fibre diameter, and orientation. Customers can benefit from increased reactor output, improved product quality, and reduced energy consumption. The novel catalysts are mechanically robust and have been tested in commercial plant operations both externally and within BASF for several years.

BASF introduces X3D Technology

BASF can use the technology on a wide range of existing catalytic materials, such as base or precious metal catalysts and carrier materials. The first catalysts produced with the new technology are BASF’s Sulfuric Acid catalysts O4-111 X3D and O4-115 X3D, which are used in industrial plants.

“With this technology, we are able to provide catalysts that are tailored to our customers’ needs to help significantly boost their plant performance while reducing energy consumption and increasing sustainability at the customer level.”

– Detlef Ruff, Senior Vice President, Process Catalysts at BASF

Chris Wai, Vice President, Global Chemical Market Catalysts at BASF said, “BASF’s technical service team will work with customers to identify the best catalytic technology for their individual projects.”

X3D™ is the trademark of BASF

About BASF’s Catalysts Division: BASF’s Catalysts is the world’s largest supplier of environmental and process catalysts. The group has unparalleled expertise in the development of technologies that protect the environment, produce the fuels that power our world, and ensure the efficient production of a wide range of chemicals, plastics, and other products, including advanced battery materials.

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