BASF Invests in Prismlab’s Proprietary 3D Printing Technology to Increase its Footprint in China

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Prismlab Patented 3D Printing Technology

Above: Prismlab 3D printers/Image Credit: Prismlab

BASF Venture Capital GmbH, a part of the German-company BASF Group has made its first direct investment in a Chinese company named Prismlab. Prismlab is a leading provider of 3D printing products and services based in Shanghai, China. BASF’s venture investment will be used to accelerate the development of Prismlab’s proprietary 3D printing technology called Sub-Pixel Micro Scanning (SMS).

Speaking about the investment, Markus Solibieda, Managing Director of BASF Venture Capital GmbH said, “This is our first direct investment in a Chinese company. The trailblazing technology from Prismlab allows large and stable components, such as medical braces and anatomical models, to be 3D printed for the first time. This investment supports BASF’s strategy of actively advancing our technologies and expanding our product offering in the 3D printing sector.”

The patented 3D printing technology developed by Prismlab is characterized by a very high printing speed, high level of precision and lower printing costs. BASF intends to bet on this newly patented 3D printing technology by helping the company build the product faster while strengthening its market reach to the global market.

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Sub-Pixel Micro Scanning (SMS) 3D Printing Technology

The Sub-Pixel Micro Scanning (SMS) technology, also known as Pixel Resolution Enhanced technology, is based on Stereolithography (SLA). SLA allows comparatively large components to be produced using light-curing resins. Prismlab’s technology increases the printing resolution without compromising printing speed. In order to increase the amount of energy brought into a pixel, Prismlab’s technology divides each pixel in the resin into several small sections, which can be cured individually by exposure to LCD light. This makes the energy input into each pixel significantly higher than similar processes that expose each pixel to light once. This allows comparatively large and stable components or numerous parts to be printed in the same production step.

With the use of LCD light, it also reduces process costs. This advantage opens opportunities in the footwear and furniture industry.

Feeling positive about the investment made by BASF, Mr. Hou Feng, Founder, and Chairman of Prismlab commented, “The 3D printing technology must continue to evolve before it is set to change the world. At Prismlab, we aim to spearhead and accelerate that change by providing solutions through specialized customization. The investment allows us to stay laser-focused on our R&D capability, a key factor to achieve that goal.

The excitement was shared by BASF’s Senior Vice President, Business and Market Development Greater China, Dr. Zheng Daqing, who said, “China is transforming from a manufacturing-driven to an innovation-driven economy. This investment in Prismlab reflects our commitment to further expanding our innovation capabilities in China, and BASF Venture Capital plays an important role in helping us identify potential partners that lead us to success.

About BASF Venture Capital

BASF Venture Capital GmbH (BVC) was founded in 2001 and has offices in Europe, the U.S., China, and Israel. The aim of BVC is to generate new growth potential for BASF by investing in new companies and funds.

About Prismlab

Prismlab is China’s leading provider of 3D printing products and solutions. In 2013, it successfully developed Sub-Pixel Micro Scanning (SMS) light-cured 3D printing technology.

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