BCN3D introduces the New Generation Epsilon Series optimized for superior performance

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BCN3D introduces the New Generation Epsilon Series
BCN3D introduces the New Generation Epsilon Series/Source: BCN3D Technologies

This year, BCN3D Technologies introduces the new generation Epsilon Series, which is built on the previous version and optimised for superior performance.

Companies such as Nissan and Saint Gobain have tested and used the Epsilon series to assist them in building 3D printed tools, jigs, and fixtures for flexibility, speed, and, most importantly, customization.

New Generation Epsilon Series

The New Generation Epsilon Series/Source: BCN3D Technologies

The defining vision for the Epsilon is accessibility for all; to deliver industrial power on your workbench or factory floor. The new generation exhibits a multitude of features and improvements and some of them are as below:

New ventilation system: Previously, the ventilation system injected cold air into the fans and extracted it to another grid. We discovered that this could potentially cause interior turbulence, resulting in occasional inefficiencies. To address this, hot air flow is now extracted from the interior, lowering internal pressure and allowing the interior to absorb air from the outside. 

New motor drivers: The TMC2226 has taken the place of our Trinamic TMC2130 motor. These new drivers are not only very quiet, but they also perform with greater efficiency and engine torque. Unlike their predecessors, which required heatsinks to cool down, these new ones heat up very little.

Epsilon material bundles: You can also choose Epsilon material bundles to broaden your printing horizons even further. The BCN3D Fiber Pack, which includes fiber-filled materials, adhesives, and specially designed hot-ends, is an all-in-one solution for providing top mechanical properties to your parts. Alternatively, for nearly 100% stainless steel parts, the BCN3D Metal Pack is an upgrade that offers an office-friendly solution for obtaining pieces with nearly identical behaviour to those from MIM or CNC.

BCN3D Epsilon Series material bundles
BCN3D Epsilon Series material bundles/Source: BCN3D Technologies

Autocalibration: Another recently added feature is autocalibration XYZ, which is the fastest on the market. With the press of a button, you can reduce your printing setup time from 40 minutes to 6 minutes (a savings of 85%!). Furthermore, this foolproof technology eliminates the need for human criteria, reducing room for error and ensuring consistent first layer adhesion.

New main board: The new Epsilon series will feature custom-made components specifically designed for the printers as this allows for a simpler, more efficient main board.

Local Network Access: Local network access is a feature that corporate customers will love: an internal web server allowing you to access it via its local IP address; send files, monitor, pause, and cancel print jobs remotely. Owners of previous Epsilon versions can also enjoy this after a firmware update.

Giving our Epsilon Series this makeover has been our way of taking on board customer feedback in order to ensure ultimate dependability. Rest assured, the new improvements have taken our 3D printing solutions in the direction of an even more powerful printing process. 

From today, all the versions of the new generation of the Epsilon Series (W50, W27, W50 SC and W27 SC) are available to purchase through our reseller network. 

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