Bertram Dental Lab Acquires Five SLM®280 Production Series to Launch its new LazerTEK Print Service

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SLM280 2.0 Metal 3D Printer
Above: SLM®280 2.0 Metal 3D Printer/Image Source: SLM Solutions

Bertram Dental Lab (BDL), the premier outsource partner to dental labs for RPD (Removable Partial Denture) production needs, revealed that it has now acquired a total of Five SLM®280 Production Series to Launch its new LazerTEK Print Service.

Bertram Dental Lab has had a long-standing partnership with SLM Solutions since 2016, when it purchased its first SLM®280 PS. BDL’s mission is to provide their partners with the best-fitting, highest-quality wholesale parts available. To achieve that level of quality, they rely on SLM Solutions technology’s repeatability and productivity to meet the demands of their marketplace and stringent industry standards.

LazerTEK Print Service

Five SLM®280 Production Series for its new LazerTEK Print Service
Above: Five SLM®280 Production Series for its new LazerTEK Print Service/Source: Bertram Dental Lab

Bertram Dental Lab, in collaboration with SLM Solutions, officially launched its LazerTEK Print Service for the first time. Bertram Dental Lab offers the LazerTEK Print Service exclusively to their dental lab partners in the United States. BDL provides an RPD print service unrivalled in quality, price, turnaround time, and mechanical properties, as documented by independent lab studies, by exclusively using SLM Solutions printers and LazerTEK partial alloy. To access direct manufacturing, Dental Lab partners simply upload their completed RPD.stl design files via the BDL LazerTEK print service partner portal.

“The dental industry is arguably one of the oldest identifiers of using AM to enable their business. BDL has successfully displaced casting by leveraging AM to create world class partials with great efficiency and with the highest quality.”

– Charlie Grace, Chief Sales Officer at SLM Solutions

Tim Bertram, Co-Owner of Bertram Dental Lab commented, “The decision to partner with SLM Solutions was easy in 2016. SLM Solutions was the only AM company solely focused on metal AM and they have continued to be a leader ever since. They pioneered bi-directional recoating, multi-laser systems and their current production series machines have been a game changer.”

Bertram continued, “The production series machines provide everything we need. Automated and closed loop powder handling reduce labour costs while ensuring safety and maintaining the highest possible alloy properties. The improved gas flow and permanent filter system ensure we can run 24/7 without any decrease in part quality. SLM Solution’s partnerships with industry leading companies guarantees that BDL will benefit from continued research and development across all levels of metal AM. Thus, enabling our mission.”

Bertram Dental Lab has a strong national presence in the United States, and 98 percent of their products are RPDs, so scale is crucial to their success.

The LazerTEK Print Service eliminates the need for casting consumables while improving product fit and quality. It improves the overall manufacturing process in a technological age, thereby increasing the potential for new AM talent recruitment. With a digital workflow, the service provides transparency to our dental lab partners. “The days of needing to cast RPDs in-house are over,” Bertram declares proudly.

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