Best 3D Printing Filament Storage Boxes- Filament Dryers

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There are different types of 3D printing filaments available (like Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polylactic acid, Polyethylene terephthalate, Nylon, Exotics, etc.). 

This classification of filament depends on raw materials, strength, convenience, flexibility, and specifications.

Sometimes, filaments absorb the moisture or dust from the air. And thus, it causes a bad impact on 3D printing. Usually, some filaments are very sensitive to get affected by environmental changes. 

To curb this impact, a filaments storage box is one of the best solutions. It maintains the quality and flexibility of filament. It keeps the filament away from impurities and moisturizes during the printing process.

Here in this article, we are going to study about…

  • What are the topmost filament storage boxes (or filament dryers)?
  • What kind of filament dryer should you buy for the 3D printers in smart technologies?

Best Filament Dryer in the Market

In this article, we are going to study the best filament dryers with their features and functions. 

1. SUNLU Filament Dryer

Above: SUNLU Filament Dryer

SUNLU also is a manufacturer of 3D filament. The filament dryer is a type of dry storage box that uses for 3D printing filaments

It is made of the Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene materials. And it finds in white colour. This dryer looks like a spool holder. This holder has the capacity to store the 1.75mm, 2.85mm filaments.

It offers more functions and features for 3D printing filaments.

Features of SUNLU filament dryer:

  • The SUNLU filament storage box has basic features to maintain temperature and humidity.
  • This dryer helps to prevent excessive heat so that there are fewer chances to get damaged. 
  • The SUNLU filament dryer can exclude moisture from the surface of the filament.
  • The user can also set the drying time in the SUNLU filament dryer.
  • Also, the user can adjust the temperature (in the range of 35℃ to 55℃) of the filament dryer as per the user’s need.

The SUNLU filament dryer is very helpful to provide the best environment for the 3D model.

2. PolyMaker PolyBox

Above: The PolyMaker PolyBox/Image Source:

The PolyBox filament dryer is one of the best solutions for additive manufacturing technologies and designing advanced 3D printing.

This filament storage box comes with its own manufacture Polymaker brand. It has a built-in Thermo-Hygrometer to check your filaments inside the box.

Features of PolyBox filament dryer:

  • This filament dryer drops environmental effects like humidity and temperature inside the PolyBox.
  • A thermo-hygrometer regulates the humidity with the help of large desiccant bags.
  • This filament dryer is very convenient to change spools for users. It can hold two 1kg spools or one 3kg spool. 
  • And it is comfortable to store filament of 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameters.

3. eSun Aibecy eBOX

eSUN comes with the printing of a 3D filament dryer box. 

The eSUN Aibecy eBOX improves the 3D printing structure and reduces impurities.

Feature of the Esun Aibecy Ebox:

  • The eSUN Aibecy EBOX is used to make high-quality filament. It contains environment-friendly resins.
  • It has the ability to store dry filaments with sealed protections. So, it protects from dust and moisture and serves for a long time.
  • The user can set the drying heating time and required temperature. One can also timely track the temperature.
  • It has the ability to increase the life span of filament.

The Aibecy eBOX has the least functionality as compare to the polymaker polybox and SUNLU filament dryer. But, it has very specific use cases.  

4. Chefman Food Dehydrator

Generally, the Chefman food dehydrator is known as a “Food Dryer”. Scientifically, it is also called as “Touch Screen Electric Multi-Tier Preserver Machine”.

The main function of the Chefman food dehydrator is to preserve and extend the lifespan of the food.

Features of Chefman Food Dehydrator:

  • Chefman food dehydrator is a compact unit. This compact unit consists a dryer and a digital timer to make delicious dried foods.
  • It has an adjustable thermostat that provides accurate drying times and temperatures. Thus, the timer shuts off when the time is up.
  • Chefman food dehydrator can automatically monitor the process of drying foods. For drying the fruit slices, sweet potato, vegetables, dried food snacks, herbs, meat, or yogurt, you need a food dryer.

5. PrintDry Filament Dryer PRO

Above: PrintDry Filament Dryer PRO

The PrintDry filament dryer is an in-line filament dryer. This dryer designs to dry and feed the filament into a 3D printer.

There are many PrintDry Filament Dryers available in the market. They come with different specifications, design construction, uses, features, functions, and advantages.

Features of PrintDry Filament Dryer PRO:

  • The PrintDry filament dryer PRO has active drying technology that can dry 3D printing filament. It works properly before and during 3D printing design.
  • It has a specific range of drying temperatures (from 35-75C or 95-167F) for different filaments.
  • This PrintDry filament dryer PRO has the capability to works with 1.75mm or 3mm filaments. 
  • It has a separated large spool kit to serve up to 5Kg spools.


In this guide, we have learnt about the topmost five filament storage boxes and one food dehydrator. Also, I have explained multiple features and uses of these dryers in an automation environment. 

These four filaments dryers are very beneficial during fused filament fabrication printing. It holds the filaments with the required environments. The food dehydrator is one of the best food preservative devices that can serve food or vegetable for longer periods of time.

Hope this guide helps you to make your decision and find the perfect filament dryer based on your need. For any queries, let’s discuss them in the comment.

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