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2022 Best Free Slicing Software for 3D Printing

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In this latest February 2022 update, we add a couple of new software to the list of best free slicing software for 3D printing. You already know that a slicing software is an essential element of the 3D printing process. Over the years we have seen a rise in the number of free slicing software for 3D printing. Some extend basic features in their free versions while some are completely free and provide complete access to their package. We will explore some of the best free slicing software for 3D printing in this article. 

Slicing Software

A 3D printer cannot convert the 3D model directly into a print. It needs a geometric interpretation of the model and a slicing software does just that. A slicing software or simply a Slicer converts a 3D model into a set of geometric codes or a set of paths which the 3D printer understands and can trace to create the print.

A slicing software is a necessary mediator between the CAD file and the printer.

Best Free Slicing Software for 3D Printing

1. Cura

Best Free Slicing Software
Above: Ultimaker CURA Interface Overview/Image Credit: Ultimaker

Cura is one of the most notable free slicing software for 3D printing developed by Ultimaker, a 3D printer manufacturer. Cura Software was developed as a slicer option to use with its Ultimaker range of 3D printers but being open-source it is customisable to include a wide variety of 3D printers. Over the years, the community has evolved boasts of one of the most active user community. The easy-to-use software is perfectly designed for both, new and experienced, users from all sectors. It regularly releases new intent profiles in CURA.

In case you wish to deep dive into this software then do check out our dedicated article on what is Cura software and who should use it?

2. MakerBot Print

best free slicing software for 3D printing
Image Credit: Makerbot

This free slicing software is specifically designed to suit the MakerBot range of printers. As a result, you will get the highest possible quality from a MakerBot printer by using this slicer. Moreover, it is easy to use and its monitoring feature makes it the best free slicing software for 3D printing with the MakerBot printers.

3. Kiri: Moto

free slicing software for 3D printing
Above: Kiri Moto is a browser-based free slicing software/Image Credit: Kiri

Kiri:Moto is 100% open source and provided as service for free on It runs entirely in browser with no cloud service dependencies. User data stays local/private to the operating browser. It’s been around for years and gets updates roughly every week.

Running entirely in-browser and thus always being up-to-date is one great feature. But what really sets Kiri apart is that it has multiple modes of use. It supports 3D printers, CNC tool path generation for 2.5 and 3 axis milling, as well as SVG output for laser cutters. Soon it will be getting another mode to support SLA printers.

Another unique aspect of being completely browser-based is that it’s natively integrated into both Onshape and Thingiverse. From a workflow perspective, it’s great to be able to do CAD modelling and from within a tab in the same app access slicing with direct-to-print or CNC mill spooling.

It has some interesting features like support for classroom settings where you want to provide default or locked profiles. If anyone gets stuck, reload the page and it reverts to your desired profile. And a few other hidden gems that the community is making use of.

4. MatterControl

A list of best free slicing software for 3D printing
Above: User Interface of MatterControl/Image Used for Representation Purpose Only

MatterControl is an all-in-one printer control software developed by MatterHacker, a high-quality 3D printing supplies provider from the USA. This really is one of the best free slicing software for 3D printing as it acts as a host. So it basically controls the printer and lets you queue the jobs all the while you slice and adjust the settings as per the print.

It is not as mature as other software like Cura and Slic3r, it is a great tool for beginners as well as advanced users.

5. Craftware

Craftware was developed by a Hungarian 3D printer manufacturer CraftUnique to support their own 3D printers. This free slicing software can be used on other printers too.

It is best known for its two features: 1. Colour differentiation between different features and, 2. excellent support structure management.

It has both free and paid versions for users to choose from.

6. Slic3r

Best Free Slicing Software
Above: Slic3r User Interface/Image Credit: Slic3r

Slic3r also is open-source slicing software with a reputation for bringing out unique features not found on any other competitor. It constantly updates its software to add new features at regular intervals. It is one of the best free slicing software for 3D printing for advanced or professional users.

It first came up with the incredible honeycomb infill pattern which was then quickly adopted by many competitors as it gave astoundingly strong prints with less material.

Over the years the software has developed into a workhorse and it most of its features (and those available with other software) are actually born here.

The infill and dual extrusion features are superior than other competing software. It can also directly integrate with OctoPrint. But new users may need some time to get a hang of this software. 

7. SliceCrafter

It is one of the best free slicing software for 3D printing because it is a web-browser based slicer and but is also available for Mac users. Though it is not the most attractive slicer but it can function efficiently for small files. It is perfect for users that love to tweak their prints down to the last bit of detail. Interestingly, the STL files can be uploaded via a link.


Sr. No.SoftwareDifficulty LevelPlatform
3Kiri:MotoBeginnerWeb Browser
7SliceCrafterProfessionalWeb Browser
Above: This table summarises the Best Free Slicing Software for 3D Printing

This list of the best free slicing software for 3D printing will give new learners wholesome knowledge on the criticality and complexities of 3D printing. A lot more free slicing software are available or being developed but we have compiled the most popular ones.

Editors Note: This article was originally published in February 2018 but is revamped and updated regularly for relevance, accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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