BigRep FLOW, a new SaaS solution for automation of Production Aids from BigRep

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  • BigRep FLOW is a new customizable SaaS solution that makes application engineering for 3D printed jigs, fixtures, and manufacturing aids easier than ever, with no design skills or 3D printing experience required.
BigRep FLOW - an End-to-End Solution for Production Aids
Above: BigRep FLOW – an End-to-End Solution for Production Aids/Source: BigRep

BigRep, the global leader in large-format 3D printing solutions, introduces BigRep FLOW, a new workflow for automated application engineering. BigRep FLOW is a new Software as a Service (SaaS) product that enables end-to-end solution for production aids. It can be used. by anyone to create customised, 3D printable factory tooling with just a few clicks; no prior experience with 3D printing or design is required.

BigRep FLOW automates the entire application engineering process for you with a customised app to produce ready-to-use tooling, which is much more than just design automation.

BigRep FLOW – Automation of Production Aids

Because each customer’s requirements are unique, the first step is for BigRep’s engineering team to learn more about the customer’s application. BigRep determines feasibility with the client based on user-defined benchmarks and qualifications to begin the development phase. Following feedback and development iterations, a custom BigRep FLOW Application is created that generates 3D printable tooling that consistently gets the job done. BigRep FLOW optimises all design configurations for 3D printing speed and success, as well as reduced material costs. Customers get the tools they require faster, cheaper, and more easily than ever before.

BigRep FLOW includes, in addition to a custom app, a collection of sample apps for creating a variety of factory aids and tools. Transporters and organisers such as customised trays, boxes, storage dividers, and shadow boards are among the developed apps available. Tooling apps and factory aids like soft jaws, assembly jigs, and product twisters allow anyone to quickly create complex parts.

“We are very excited to launch BigRep FLOW, our Advanced Workflow Automation Software, making it very easy to configure and produce the factory tooling needed on the production floor – faster and cheaper. With FLOW, we support our manufacturing clients with the customization of their operations to outpace the competition. Our vision is to offer end-to-end solutions for our users. FLOW can be used with a qualified printing service to turn an idea or a need into a printed solution. If speed is even more of the essence, it turns our large-format 3D printers into connected jig and fixture work-stations and more.”

– Dr. Sven Thate, Managing Director of BigRep

Operating Process

Above: BigRep FLOW introduction/Source: BigRep/YouTube

BigRep FLOW is accessible across platforms, including mobile devices. Each custom BigRep FLOW App requires virtually no training as the user experience is straightforward and streamlined. Users log in to their BigRep FLOW account to access an App Library, which includes their custom apps as well as free sample apps. After opening the appropriate app (for example, a fixture configurator), the user uploads a 3D file of their existing part, for which BigRep FLOW then generates the custom fixture. The user easily configures the parameters within seconds. With a single click within the app, they can order their printed tools or start production on an in-house BigRep 3D printer.


  • It can create printable tools in minutes rather than days for immediate results and fast design iterations. The intuitive cloud-based interface makes it simple to configure custom tools, and design changes are calculated in real-time with instant visualization.
  • Besides automated design, BigRep FLOW Apps create 3D printable tools that meet benchmarks and qualifications for real-world use.
  • It also lets you maximize the potential of additive manufacturing for your business but requires no experience in 3D printing or CAD software skills.

The new SaaS solution can replace an existing 3D workflow to save time and money. Users new to 3D printing can instantly create the tools they need and skip the 3D learning curve entirely, from application engineering to printing functional tools.

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