Braskem Introduces Innovative Polyolefin-based Additive Manufacturing Materials

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Braskem launch includes polypropylene for fused filament fabrication, SLS powder bed fusion, and industrial scale pellet extrusion

Additive Manufacturing Materials

Above: Braskem Introduces Innovative Polyolefin-based additive manufacturing materials/Image Credit: Braskem

Braskem, one of the largest polyolefins producer in the Americas and leading producer of biopolymers in the world, announced the expansion of its product portfolio to innovative polyolefin-based additive manufacturing materials like filament, powder, and pellets.

Polypropylene is ideal for additive manufacturing based on its recyclability, impact strength, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability that has durable living hinge capabilities as well as a lower density than other plastics. These properties make polypropylene an attractive material for a wide range of 3D printing applications.

As part of Braskem’s ongoing commitment to innovation and bringing new solutions to the additive manufacturing sector, the company recently invested in a new dedicated additive manufacturing lab as part of an expansion of its Innovation & Technology (I&T) Center located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Speaking about the new additive manufacturing materials portfolio Jason Vagnozzi, Braskem Commercial Director of Additive Manufacturing said, “As a global polyolefins leader Braskem is always evolving and enhancing its portfolio to meet the needs of our clients. This expansion of our 3D printing product offering is yet another step in our evolution. We are excited to announce we have products available with countless 3D printing capabilities for the fast growing additive manufacturing market. We are excited about the capabilities our polypropylene has over other materials and we believe the variety of formats we have launched today are helping further strengthen the great potential we see for the global additive manufacturing market.”

Braskem’s new additive manufacturing materials portfolio includes polyolefin-based filament for material extrusion technology, powder for powder-bed fusion technology, and pellets for pellet extrusion technology covering a large market of the polymer based additive manufacturing market.

Polypropylene Filaments

3D Printing Standards

Above: FFF 3D printing technology (representation purpose)/Image Credit: 3D Hubs

Braskem has developed two grades of polypropylene filament for fused filament fabrication (FFF). These additive manufacturing materials are designed to be used for both industrial and personal printing applications.  They will be made available May 2020 through a distribution partnership with M Holland Company.

Commenting on the materials, Fabio Lamon, Braskem Innovation & Technology Manager, Additive Manufacturing, said, “These grades have been specially developed to change the perception of polypropylene in FFF printing applications. Rigorous market testing has proven our polypropylene filament has minimized warpage that can print parts comparable to PLA filament, but with improved dimensional stability, chemical resistance and impact strength.”

Polypropylene Powder for SLS

Additive Manufacturing Materials

Above: Braskem and ALM Announce Partnership/Image Credit: Advanced Laser Materials

In 2019, Braskem announced its first partnership to advance the development of polypropylene powder for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) with Advanced Laser Materials (ALM). Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is an additive manufacturing process that utilizes laser and thermal energy to sinter polymer powder to produce three-dimensional, solid geometries. SLS technologies are utilized in industrial applications for a broad array of manufacturing segments such as automotive, aerospace, packaging and more. 

Braskem and ALM will release their first generation polypropylene powder in May 2020, it will be co-marketed and sold as part of the ALM product portfolio.

Polypropylene for Pellet Extrusion

Additive Manufacturing Materials

Above: Titan Robotics’ Dual Pellet Extruder 3D Printer/Image Credit: Titan Robotics

Titan robotics and Braskem are proud to announce the launching of the first commercially available grade of polypropylene for their innovative ATLASTM industrial-scale pellet extrusion system. Braskem’s polypropylene for pellet extrusion will be commercially available in May 2020. Braskem is proud to have Titan Robotics as an authorized distributor of Braskem products.

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