British Automotive start-up is disrupting the Automotive Industry through Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing and Blockchain

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Carbon Performance achieved 25% weight reduction & 25% improvement in camber stiffness for the Suspension Upright it developed for Lotus Elise Sportscar.

[penci_blockquote style=”style-1″ align=”none” author=”R N Murugesan, Director”]”We are a truly British company deeply engrossed into our vision of taking Additive Manufacturing into the retail shelves of the automotive industry.” [/penci_blockquote]

Carbon Performance Ltd., a British automotive start-up headquartered in Leeds, is utilising Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, and Blockchain to disrupt the automotive industry by spearheading innovation in the sector.

It aims to see itself at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution, popularly called Industry 4.0, by producing next-generation environmentally sustainable parts for the Automotive Industry. By offering digital manufacturing solutions like lattice optimisation and generative Design it is able to manufacture highly complex organic designs to improve performance, fuel efficiency and aesthetics.

Carbon Performance is the world’s first automotive consumer retail brand focussed on developing an entire range of additively manufactured products. Its commitment to the partnership agreement with Her Majesty’s government through Northern Powerhouse. The Northern Powerhouse backs performing businesses in the North of England for boosting the economy and supporting the need for a combined effort by government and business to realise that potential. Carbon Performance Ltd. is now a proud partner of the Northern Powerhouse.

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Above: Suspension upright additively manufactured with 25% weight reduction/Image Credit: Carbon Performance

In order to showcase its expertise and capabilities, the company designed and 3D printed, in aluminium, a suspension upright for a Lotus Elise sportscar. The unique part is co-developed with artificial intelligence, integrated with digital inventory with barcode scanning, and safeguarded it with Blockchain to secure the digital data.

additive manufacturing

Above: Suspension upright integrated with a digital ecosystem/Image Credit: Carbon Performance

Interestingly, the entire assembly is printed as a whole through optimum designing effort. It skilfully managed to combine 9 different parts into a single part. An indication of the expertise the team has achieved.

additive manufacturing

Above: Suspension upright printed as one single component/Image Credit: Carbon Performance

The suspension upright is an important part of any vehicle and more so in case of a sportscar. The component is a load-bearing member of the entire suspension system. It is constantly under stress, vibration and is continuously moving with the motion of the wheel. Such a part is a critical element in a sportscar. By modifying this part, Carbon Performance displayed its strength in understanding the automotive challenges and requirements.

additive manufacturing

Above: Suspension upright additively manufactured with 25% improved camber stiffness/Image Credit: Carbon Performance

The additively manufactured part exhibited improved performance with reduced weight. Below are the notable features of the part:

  1. 25% lightweight
  2. 25% improved camber stiffness
  3. Co-developed by AI
  4. Organic, Bionic design
  5. 3D printed in Aluminium
  6. Integrated to Digital ecosystem/Digital thread (QR code)
  7. Blockchain integrated Digital Inventory
  8. 9 Parts consolidated into 1
Above: Lotus Elise Sportscar Upright – Promo/Video Credit: Carbon Performance/YouTube

By its focussed approach towards Industry 4.0, Carbon Performance aims to bring additive manufacturing technology to series production in a few months. Carbon Performance is now looking at OEMs for partnerships to help these companies reduce their negative environmental impact. In fact according to a UN report, component manufacturing is the largest contributor to environmental destruction in the automotive industry, than the tail-pipe emissions itself. The team believes, ‘In essence, it makes little sense to drive around in an electric vehicle that runs on conventionally manufactured parts.’

Carbon Performance is looking to add more commercial automotive and motorsport applications into its portfolio to commence e-retail and retail through a brick-and-mortar model and bring manufacturing in-house. And for this same purpose it is pursuing an investment round.

With the talk of digital manufacturing, the issue of data security always crops up and to safeguard the critical data of customers, the company is proud to have pioneered Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies into its workflow, in order to prevent infringement of its Digital Inventory.

Coming 2020, the company aims to diversify into graphene, intelligent mobility solutions and finally sustainable energy transportation apart from its traditional Motorsports and premium automotive companies market.

Carbon Performance Ltd: Carbon Performance Ltd. offer bespoke end-to-end solutions for performance racing components. It is a Digital Manufacturing company, specialising in designing ultra-lightweight, high-performance components for Motorsports and Performance racing focussing on its core capabilities likes Artificial Intelligence, Biomimicry, Additive Manufacturing, Block chain. Follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, & YouTube.

Northern Powerhouse: The Northern Powerhouse is a proposal to boost economic growth in the North of England by the 2010-15 coalition government and 2015-2017 Conservative government in the United Kingdom, particularly in the “Core Cities” of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and Newcastle.

(Disclaimer: All the statements and claims in the above article are made by the service offering company Carbon Performance. The article should not be viewed as a substitute for professional advice. This article does not seek to create any business-client relationship.)

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