Carbon Democratizes Design Engine Software to Accelerate Product Development Lifecycles

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Design Engine Software Gives Carbon Subscribers Design Control; Simplifies and Automates the Creation and Production of Lattice Designs 

Design Engine Software

Above: Lattice puck designed through the Design Engine Software/Image Source: Carbon

Carbon, the leading 3D printing technology company, announced that all Carbon subscribers have been given access to the company’s Design Engine software to gain design control within the product development lifecycle.

The Design Engine software automates the process of creating performance-oriented lattices, saving design engineers significant time and effort. The software has been proven in production with the design of critical lattice products like the Resolution Medical Lattice Swabs developed for COVID-19 testing, Specialized S-Works Power Saddle with Mirror technology, and CCM Super Tacks X helmets

Design Engine Software

Design Engine Software

Above: Lattice design at Carbon is largely automated through robust design tools/Image Source: Carbon

Carbon’s Design Engine software is an industry-leading design software that gives designers and engineers the tools to create new products faster and with better performance, through both Carbon Design Engine™ and advanced latticing capabilities.

[penci_blockquote style=”style-2″ align=”none” author=”Phil DeSimone, Chief Product and Business Development Officer at Carbon” font_style=”italic” text_size=”16″]“Traditional CAD tools have not kept pace with the innovation of 3D printers and materials. This lack of progression limits the ‘idea to design’ stage of the product development lifecycle. With the release of Design Engine software to all Carbon subscribers, we are helping designers iterate through their design thinking, faster. On average it can take 18 – 24 months to bring a consumer product to market. But when we put the best design tools, 3D printers and materials in the hands of designers and manufacturers, we enable the development of advanced components and products – going from idea to production in the same day.”[/penci_blockquote]

3D printing enables the production of latticed parts that can deliver considerable mechanical performance advantages beyond those that can be produced via traditional production methods. However, traditional design tools are limited in their additive manufacturing support, particularly for complex geometries like lattices, which makes designing functional parts difficult. To simplify lattice design generation, Carbon developed the Carbon Design Engine to collaborate on design projects with customers, and has now made it available for all subscribers to access directly.  

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The cloud-based application provides the computational power to generate complex shapes quickly and efficiently without requiring local resources. Design Engine software has a fully interactive user interface and offers product teams the ability to produce five different types of conformal lattices. The software creates conformal lattices that robustly populate even the most challenging design surfaces, eliminating the tedious design revisions post-generation. 

Dr. Jörg Gerken, Technical Director at rpm, a Carbon Production Network partner said, “Carbon has exceptional materials and printers, and now self-service design tools to take full advantage of it. It’s the perfect marriage of software, hardware, and materials.”

Due to its deep integration with Carbon’s reliable, consistent platform and best-in-class materials, the Design Engine software can predict lattice performance prior to lattice generation, streamlining design optimization. Similarly, Design Engine offers built-in guidance to help engineers develop successful parts. 

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