Carbon announces a New Customisable, High-Performance EPU-46 Elastomer

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  • EPU 46 broadens Carbon's idea-to-production platform by providing new opportunities for breakthrough products in a variety of colours and stiffness.
Carbon3D EPU46 coloured samples
Carbon3D EPU46 coloured samples/Source: Carbon

Carbon, a global leader in product development and manufacturing technology, has introduced EPU 46, its newest elastomer material. EPU-46 elastomer combines high-performance material properties, excellent durability, and a plethora of rich colour options to allow for the customizable production of a wide range of premium products such as saddles, footwear, and grips.

“EPU 46 is the future of elastomer customization, combining the benefits of performance, comfort and durability with the excitement of custom colours and tuneable material stiffness. EPU 46 furthers our commitment to providing a robust and complete idea-to-production platform that can be fully customized to our client’s specifications. This is truly the next step in our journey to creating anything that can be dreamt up.”

– Jason Rolland, SVP of Materials, Carbon

New Carbon EPU-46 Elastomer

Specialised purple saddle made from EPU-46 elastomer
Specialised purple saddle made from EPU-46 elastomer/Source: Carbon

EPU 46 is designed to meet the growing demands of a wide range of industries, with a focus on performance, comfort, aesthetics, and other factors. It allows customers to fine-tune the stiffness of the material without compromising its printability or changing its material properties. Furthermore, EPU 46 contributes to Carbon’s sustainability efforts because the elastomer contains 40% bio-based material and is designed for solvent-free spin cleaning and resin reclaim to reduce production waste.

The dual-cure and energy-returning properties of EPU 46 provide new benefits such as:

  • Speed and Customization: The EPU 46 platform allows for a wide range of colours and material stiffnesses, as well as excellent printability and quick print times.
  • Colour Fastness: Because the pigment is directly added to the resin, the colour will not fade or change with wear.
  • Increased Stiffnesses: By adjusting lattice parameters such as Strut diameter or cell size, a wide range of part stiffnesses is possible. The ability to tune the material stiffness also allows for a wide range of tactile qualities, which is especially useful for handles, grips, and thin features where matching a soft compression is difficult.

Carbon’s production elastomer portfolio has been enhanced with EPU 46, which features market-leading elastomer printability and broader mechanical properties. It will be available worldwide in late September 2023.

About Carbon: Carbon is a 3D printing technology company that helps businesses develop better products and get them to market faster. The Carbon DLSTM process combines versatile printers, cutting-edge software, and best-in-class materials to deliver functional parts with end-use performance and aesthetics, enabling engineers and designers to create products that exceed expectations.

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