Popular Construction 3D Printing Companies in India (2023)

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Construction 3D Printing Companies & Ecosystem in India
Above: Construction 3D Printing Ecosystem in India/Source: Manufactur3D

3D printing is a novel method of constructing structures. It enables users to build objects from the ground up using a digital file. Lately, 3D printing in construction is gaining wide popularity and we are witnessing a rise in the number of construction 3d printing companies in India.

If you’re looking for a resource to know about India’s entire construction 3D printing ecosystem, look no further!

Top Construction 3D Printing Companies in India

3D Printer Manufacturers

Deltasys E-Forming concrete 3D printer
Above: DELTASYS E FORMING concrete 3D printer built for IIT Bombay/Image Source: DELTASYS E FORMING

As of today, there are at least three construction 3D printer manufacturers in India. There are multiple kinds of 3D printers, namely, gantry-style, D-shape and Robotic-arm style. In India you will find the Gantry-style and Robotic Arm style being developed and sold commercially.

Below are the three Startups developing Construction 3D Printers in India. 


Tvasta, an IIT-Madras alumni startup, is the most popular construction 3d printing companies in India. It is a 3D printer manufacturer that has completed numerous projects for well-known clients. Despite the fact that the majority of these projects were for capability testing, they are quite remarkable.

Some of its most popular projects have been the 3D printed house on the campus of IIT Madras, 3D printed houses for the Indian Army, and the recently completed 3D printed Bus Shelter developed in collaboration with Godrej Construction.


DELTASYS E FORMING, founded in 2018, is an emerging 3D printer manufacturer based in Belgaum, Karnataka. The company produces a wide range of 3D printers such as FDM, DLP, and Pellet-extrusion printers, as well as building and selling Construction 3D printers.

This rapidly growing company has already sold more than six concrete 3D printers in India, with multiple orders still pending fulfilment. IIIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati and IISc Bengaluru are among the notable customers of their concrete 3D printers.

Simpliforge Creations

Simpliforge Creations is another 3D printing startup that started as a service provider but has since expanded into the development of construction 3D printers. Simpliforge Creations is based in Hyderabad, India’s upcoming 3D printing hub, is developing a robotic arm 3D printer.

Their current 3D printer, claimed to be the largest robotic concrete 3D printer in India, can create structures up to 7m in size. Apsuja Infratech (Charvitha Meadows) and the company have collaborated to create a new-age gated community project in Telangana.

Top Construction 3D Printing Materials Manufacturers

Construction 3D Printing
Above: Construction 3D Printing/Image Source: Sika Group

Concrete 3D printers use a type of cement that differs from traditional concrete. To maintain control over the whole process and ensure ideal performance, companies usually develop their own materials, but not always. Sometimes they rely on material experts who can collaborate and develop a material that satisfies the printing hardware and suits the regional atmosphere where the material will be used. The material mostly is a complex mixture of Portland cement, fillers, plasticisers, additives, etc.

There aren’t many companies offering concrete 3D printing materials manufacturers in India but we list down the top two companies specialising in these materials.

MYK Laticrete

MYK Laticrete, a collaboration between LATICRETE International in the United States and the MYK Group in India, creates 3D Mortar (concrete material for 3D printing). It has an advanced R&D centre that evaluates tile and stone installation materials against multiple industry standards in order to provide customers with technical solutions. This is the first of its kind in the building materials industry, developing products to meet the needs of the global market.

MYK Laticrete has already developed a 3D printing-specific material and is available in India.


Sika AG is a Swiss company that works in the construction industry. Sika has been researching 3D construction printing (3DCP) technology for quite some time. Along the way, it has obtained 7 patents on printing processes, developed novel materials, and additives for 3D printing. The patents demonstrate its expertise and scope of operations, which include not only materials but also the technology and process to ensure a successful outcome.

Its scope spans the entire 3D printing ecosystem, including the development of unique 3D mortar formulations, concrete technology and mixture design, on-demand coloration technology, the development of precise printheads, CAD and technical design support, automation, and much more.

Sika AG also has a subsidiary in India, Sika India.

Legacy Companies exploring Construction 3D Printing in India

L&T Construction portfolio
Above: L&T Construction portfolio/Source: L&T Construction

In addition to Startups, several legacy companies are investigating construction 3D printing in India. These Indian companies are partnering with Startups to experiment with 3D printers and materials to test the technology’s capabilities. The goal is to assess the potential and develop a business case for the future.

We take look at a few of these legacy construction firms that are interested in 3D printing.

L&T Construction

L&T Construction is one of the largest construction companies in India and the construction arm of the Larsen & Toubro conglomerate. It has collaborated with COBOD International, a Danish innovator and manufacturer of 3D construction printers and bought their 3D printer – a first in India. L&T used COBOD’s BOD2 printer to construct a two-story building in Tamil Nadu as part of the collaboration. For the material, L&T created a special concrete mix for 3D printing out of locally available regular construction materials.

Godrej Construction

Godrej Construction has been investigating 3D printing for some time, and it recently collaborated with Tvasta to build a concrete 3D printed bus shelter at its Mumbai plant. Godrej Construction and Tvasta together created a sustainable concrete mix for the bus shelter that included 30% recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) sourced from concrete waste debris and recycled at the Godrej Recycled Concrete Plant in Vikhroli, Mumbai.

The pilot project assisted the company in better understanding the technology, which it is now optimising in order to develop a commercially viable technology.

It’s still too early to comment on how Godrej intends to leverage the technology but once a business case is established, it scale-up the use of the 3DCP technology.

India Cements

Tvasta and India Cements, a Chennai-based cement manufacturing company, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for a technology partnership earlier this year. The partners will work together on dedicated research and development activities as well as the development of raw material formulations for 3D printing applications. They will also collaborate closely on key projects to develop and deliver affordable housing solutions. Both companies plan to use technology to create sustainable building solutions such as 3D printed houses or structures.

Construction 3D Printing Service Providers in India

Construction 3D printing service providers help in building clients's projects
Above: Service providers help in building a clients construction projects/Source: COBOD

Real estate developers are constantly on the lookout for new building techniques that will not only save them money and time, but will also be an attractive selling proposition. And 3D printing fits seamlessly into the narrative. It is not only sustainable and one-of-a-kind, but also quite strong for ground-level structures like toilets, single room homes, bus shelters, etc.

As a result, these real estate companies can always collaborate with construction 3D printing service providers to build their designs to generate curiosity and buzz around their new residential or commercial project.

Unlike other technologies which are much more developed and comparatively easier to operate for service providers, the construction 3D printing technology is big and messy and thus a service provider ecosystem is nearly absent.

As a result, all technology manufacturers, including Tvasta, DELTASYS E FORMING, and Simpliforge Creations, offer such services. Besides these manufacturers, India has two more construction 3D printing service providers.

Hamilton Labs

Hamilton Labs, the Singapore-based complete construction 3D printing solutions provider, was among the first to enter the Indian market. It primarily serves as a service provider but has also developed its own gantry-style 3D printer. In 2017, a 3D printed toilet project was carried out in collaboration with NUS, NAMIC and Hamilton Labs to accelerate the production of toilet units in India under the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’.

Hamilton Labs has formed a number of partnerships with key stakeholders. Laticrete, Saint-Gobain, G-Cast, Ekaksha Robotic Abstracts Limited (more on them below), and others are among their partners.

Ekaksha Robotic Abstracts Limited

Ekaksha Robotic Abstracts is a public company based in Mumbai that provides complete 3D Construction Printing services. It is a new company, but they have partnered with Hamilton Labs.

They provide three services: pre-construction planning, architectural models, and construction management.


With this comprehensive article, you should have a good understanding of the construction 3D printing ecosystem in India. Though small, the ecosystem is expanding and gaining popularity in India. It is currently difficult to estimate the size of this market in India because most companies are working on pilot projects, research institutions are experimenting and developing materials, and legacy companies are investigating the feasibility and future potential.

The sector is expected to see significant investments over the next five to ten years, followed by growth in adoption over the next decade or so. It will be interesting to see if the Government of India approves the use of this technology for its social welfare and infrastructure development schemes.

The global construction 3D printing market is also growing rapidly and you can check out the top construction 3D printing in the world to know more about them.

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