CubeeRecords is Industry’s First “Record Label” for 3D Designers

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CubeeRecords is Industry’s First “Record Label” for 3D Designers
(L to R) Uriah Meadan & Oded Kishik founders of Cubee/Source: Cubee

Cubee, presenting a new approach of commerce that decentralises the production of goods, announces the launch of CubeeRecords – the first ever “record label” for 3D designers. A full talent representation suite aimed at maximising 3D printing designers’ intellectual property monetisation. 

Cubee’s existing platform of tools and solutions to help launch, operate, and grow made-on-demand 3D printing businesses is being expanded with The Label. Cubee’s product umbrella currently serves over 2,400 3D print shops and 3D printed product retailers in over 50 countries. They recently decided to “double down” on representing 3D artists and providing high-quality, full-service commercial licencing services for their products.

Commercial Licensing with CubeeRecords

CubeeRecords is Industry’s First “Record Label” for 3D Designers
Spice utensil rack by Gazzaladra Design/Source: Cubee

CubeeRecords soft launched a commercial licencing service called “Hive” in February, providing access to curated interior design collections. They already represent some of the most talented designers in 3D printing and are onboarding more.

Among the 3D designers represented by CubeeRecords are award-winning artists such as Boem Brand, Gazzaladra Design, 3D Mini World, dgemily, and others. These designers’ commercial licencing of curated catalogues is already serving hundreds of 3D printing businesses and retailers worldwide, with more onboarding every day.

CubeeRecords goes beyond simply providing commercial access to STL files to licensees. Business-enabling services and solutions, such as ready-to-use marketing assets, technical support, business advisory, and a global peer-community of business owners, are also included.

“The idea behind CubeeRecords came after over two years of 3D printing design commercialization. We were shocked by the 3D printing ecosystem’s staggering inability to properly compensate designers for their work. We already had the infrastructure to support the distribution, sales, marketing and manufacturing of 3D products, so strengthening the bond with designers under a record label model made perfect sense.”

– Uriah Meadan, CEO, Cubee

Uriah adds, “The Commercial licensing business model is based on the licensee’s commercial success. We’ve worked very hard on aligning the interest of Cubee, the Designers and the Licensees to incentivise everyone to work together in making the platform sustainable.” 

3D Designers now have a higher chance to succeed

Venus vase by TimonTimon
Venus vase by TimonTimon/Source: Cubee

The exclusivity of each designer’s collections, as well as the royalty system that compensates designers fairly for every sale, are key components of CubeeRecords’ commercial licencing service “Hive.”

“By collecting royalties, Cubee has made it possible for me to focus on quality of sellers instead of quantity” Says Gazzaladra, one of the leading 3D designers on all STL repositories. Commercial licenses for the Gazzaladra Catalog are limited and selective to only 50 sellers worldwide. “This way, I am able to better protect my designs and prevent market saturation that could lead to devaluation. Cubee also reduces my management overhead and gives me and my sellers a great framework for cooperation. Basically, my licensees have a much higher chance to succeed, my workload is reduced, and my revenue potential is far greater.”

Design Artist Ales Boem - creator of the acclaimed Boem Brand
Ales Boem – creator of the acclaimed Boem Brand

Ales Boem, the owner and creator of the acclaimed Boem Brand, had also decided to sell his commercial catalogues exclusively through Cubee, allowing him to sell products that had been awarded and published in Design magazines all over the world.

His new and signature Embodied Ideas collection is making waves with its unique style that elevates FDM printing technology to high-end design levels.

According to Ales Boem, “We started licensing our products from the beginning, but providing proper support for my designs is extremely complex and time consuming. Till now, I’ve been doing it without a proper royalty system and without monitoring the distribution. Cubee manages everything from sales funnel to access control, to licensee due diligence and copyright enforcement. With their support system for my commercial licenses I can focus on creating even better products.”

Building brands of Consumer-facing 3D Prints

Design Artist Danny Sanches - 3D Mini World
Design Artist Danny Sanches – 3D Mini World/Source: Cubee

Similar to the Music industry’s A&R, CubeeRecords signs high potential designers, and incubates them toward commercial success.

“We are now in a position where Cubee plays a key role in the launch and prosperity of designer brands. Our focus on building high value 3D brands brings the 3D printing ecosystem much closer to its objective of local, responsible and zero-waste manufacturing of consumer goods at scale.” 

– Oded Kishik, Co-founder and COO, Cubee

Benoit Valin, board advisor to Cubee and a veteran of the industry also commented, “CubeeRecords’ efforts in growing 3D-printing-only designer brands and making them financially viable is not only fair and a great business opportunity, but marks a key inflection point in the industry’s history and a major step in public acceptance of 3D printed consumer-facing products at scale.”

CubeeRecords is currently onboarding designers and distributing commercial licences via Cubee’s website

About Cubee: Cubee’s vision is to create a world of sustainable commerce in which products are kept as digital assets and manufactured locally on-demand. The platform offers retailers turnkey solutions that allow them to operate and grow their businesses by leveraging on-demand 3D printing. CubeeRecords, the new “record Label” for 3D designers, has been integrated into the Cubee suite of solutions in order to revolutionise the way 3D printing designs are created, shared, and used. CubeeRecords is a vision of a more sustainable and collaborative future of commerce, as well as a full-service talent and content management agency.

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