CurifyLabs and Natural Machines partner to develop a new Drug 3D Printing Platform

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CurifyLabs and Natural Machines partner to develop a new Drug 3D Printing Platform
Above: The new technology will boost the cause of personalised medicines/Image Source: CurifyLabs

CurifyLabs, a company that enables 3D printed personalised medicines in pharmacies and hospitals, and Natural Machines, Spanish Startup focused on providing personalized products on demand, have announced a strategic partnership to develop a drug 3D printing platform that allows for medicine customization. Personalized medicines for human and veterinary patients will be delivered on-site in pharmacies and hospitals using this new technology.

CurifyLabs and Natural Machines plan to launch the drug 3D printing platform on a global scale in 2022.

Current Issues in Personalised Medicines

We have been mass-producing medicines in factories for decades. Customization is considered only if the number of people to be catered for is large enough to make the production of those quantities economically viable.

Furthermore, the customisation process is quite difficult. Compounding, as it is called, is the manual preparation of individualised drug treatments for patients who cannot receive the best treatment from currently available pharmaceuticals. Many talented pharmacists are capable of manually compounding drugs, but the process is inefficient and lacks quality control.

Partnership to Deliver a new Drug 3D Printing Platform

This collaboration aims to create a one-of-a-kind drug 3D printing platform that uses jointly developed 3D printers to optimise and automate the compounding process in pharmacies and hospitals. CurifyLabs will take the solution to market on a global scale.

“With this partnership we are developing a unique Medicine-as-a-Service concept for pharmacy compounding and we believe that our partnership with Natural Machines will bring an affordable and superior 3D printing platform to the market. Together we can revolutionize the industry within personalized medicine offering localized, on-demand drug manufacturing.”

– Charlotta Topelius, CEO, CurifyLabs

According to Niklas Sandler Topelius, the Chief Scientific Officer at CurifyLabs, “Our initial pilots have proved the potential to print personalized medicines based on CurifyLabs’ pharmaceutical formulations. We continue to focus on adapting the technology to establish a new approach for personalized medicine for our customers, based on pharma grade ingredients and integrated quality control.”

“Our partnership with CurifyLabs will help us to grow our portfolio. At Natural Machines, we have solutions for the food sector and the personal care industry, and now with this strategic partnership we add the pharmaceutical field. This partnership will leverage both CurifyLabs’ experience and latest developments in pharma with our extensive 3D printing expertise, providing a new solution that aligns with the growing global trend of product personalization.”

– Emilio Sepulveda, CEO of Natural Machines

About CurifyLabs: Through modernizing the drug compounding process in pharmacies CurifyLabs enables sustainable, on-demand manufacture of medicines, customized to provide safe and effective treatment for all patients.

About Natural Machines: Natural Machines accelerates the use of 3D printing in several industries, enabling companies to treat their consumers as individuals – not mass market consumers – by providing personalized products on demand.

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