Divide By Zero introduces the All New Large Format AION NX 3D Printer in India

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  • It features 3D Printing and CNC Milling all in one machine with metals, ceramics, gels and polymer
Divide by Zero's All New Large Format AION NX 3D Printer
Above: All New Large Format AION NX 3D Printer/Source: Divide by Zero Technologies

Divide by Zero Technologies (DBZ), one of India’s leading 3D Printer manufacturers, has introduced the AION NX 3D printer, which represents the next frontier in large format hybrid 3D printing in India. AION NX caters to the needs of pattern and mould makers, large component manufacturers in the automotive, defence, and aerospace industries, as well as R&D innovators.

The AION NX has the largest bed size in its class, allowing manufacturers to print large components up to 1 metre long in a single setting. It also has custom extrusion heads and hybrid machining capabilities, resulting in an 80% cost savings for polymer 3D printing (as the machine uses direct pellet extrusion 3D printing) and a 70% reduction in cycle time for CNC machined parts.

AION NX was developed by DBZ as part of the “Make in India” campaign to address the challenges faced by the R&D and small volume manufacturing sectors, which need to reduce prototyping and manufacturing lead times while ensuring component quality and finish are up to standard.

AION NX 3D Printer in India

Above: AION NX 3D Printer product video/Source: Divide by Zero Technologies

The AION NX 3D printer includes numerous features, many of which are firsts in the 3D printing industry. The flagship 3D Printer is available as a Completely Knock Down (CKD) Kit, making it portable and easy to assemble. The machine has customisable extrusion heads for printing with paste, gel, and ceramic materials, as well as multiple automation options and the ability to print up to 1 metre in length.

“The AION NX truly knows no limits. A lot of thought, research and innovation efforts has gone into the development and we have worked extensively on the core hardware software engine of this machine to make sure that it delivers on its promises. We have developed the AION NX, keeping in mind New Product Development teams, Researchers & New Start-ups with the view to help them convert their ideas into reality faster and without limits.”

– Swapnil Sansare, CEO of Divide By Zero

New Product Development and R&D teams must be able to rapidly develop and test prototypes using a variety of materials. The AION NX has several extrusion options to accommodate a wide range of gels, polymers, and ceramic materials. Furthermore, the hybrid pallet head enables teams to complete their prototypes with a CNC milling head or laser cutter, making rapid prototyping truly fast.

Large automotive component manufacturers, aerospace and drone manufacturers, and other similar industry sectors that need to print complex carbon fibre parts or large patterns in a single setting will benefit from the large bed size and multiple extruder options.

About Divide By Zero Technologies: Divide By Zero is one of India’s premier homegrown manufacturers of high-speed and cost-effective 3D printing machines. Under the “Make in India” banner, we are the first Indian manufacturer to export 3D printers globally. We hold multiple patents for our machines and technology, making Divide By Zero Technologies a disruptor in the on-demand small-volume manufacturing sector.

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