Divide By Zero Exports India’s First-Ever 3D Printer to the United States of America

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  • India’s largest 3D printer manufacturer the first national company to hold two 3D printing technology patents and a proud owner of 10 national awards.
  • Divide By Zero is a market leader in high-speed FFF technology in India
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Above: Above: Divide By Zero team with the export consignment/Image Source: Divide By Zero Technologies

Divide By Zero Technologies, India’s largest 3D printer manufacturer, dispatched its first-ever high-speed 3D printer to Houston, Texas. This marks a significant milestone in the Indian 3D printing industry as DBZ becomes the first-ever Indian company to export its 3D printers to the US.

Ecstatic at this feat, CEO & Founder Swapnil Sansare expressed his company’s growth-policies in 4 words, “Innovation – Application – Assurance – Service.”

Swapnil added, “This is just the beginning. We are ramping up our production infrastructure to dispatch many more such high-speed 3D printers to the United States and the world at large.”

This is in line with Divide By Zero’s patented high-speed Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling technology which enables users to print end-use 3D printed parts with on-demand just-in-time distributed manufacturing. The company was recently granted the US patent for its proprietary AFPM technology.

Speaking on this occasion, Swapnil shared, “We are India’s largest 3D printer manufacturer and very well capable of meeting demands made on a global platform and now that our products are getting widely accepted in USA, Malaysia, Germany, Dubai and Sweden, we are ramping up our production facility to dispatch many more such printers for distributed manufacturing of end-use applications.”

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In just 3 months, after receiving a patent from the USA, Team Divide By Zero paved their way into the United State – the world’s biggest 3D printing industry. Additionally, DBZ aims to help innovators and creators across the world in making end use production possible with small investment and test their ideas before they invest in tooling.

When asked about distributed manufacturing, Swapnil quoted, “There will be one centralised data server which will be connected to multiple to hundreds of 3D printers across states or even international borders and each will function in manufacturing unique low-cost end-use parts in a very short time.”

Besides being 5 to 10X faster than any other FFF/FDM printer in the segment, here are some of the landmark 3D printing technology features of DBZ 3D printers.

  1. DBZ printers have the feature of auto-print resume after power comes back, just from where it left before supply outage.
  2. DBZ’s upgraded dual-drive system incorporates its intelligent feedback control system after detecting filament clogging and automatically switches over to the standby filament-extruder set.
  3. High-speed 3D printing without worrying about frequent machine recalibration. DBZ FFF printers come fitted with a high precision, high-performance capacitive sensor that automatically calibrates the printer besides compensating for build surface height irregularities.
  4. DBZ FFF printers improve the lifespan of the material by over 80% by ensuring active air-moisture removal and dehumidification of the filament. It delivers better layer bonding, better surface finish of finished parts keeping the end product free from issues such as warping or loose layer bonding.

The shipment definitely sends a positive message to the globe about the capabilities of the Indian 3D printing industry. With the successful conclusion of the first order, Divide By Zero is ready to ship the next batch of 3D printers to the US in the coming months.

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