Divide By Zero secures US Patent for its ‘Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling’ 3D Printing Technology

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Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling

Above: The patent certificate granted to Divide By Zero for its AFPM technology/Image Source: Divide By Zero Technologies

Divide By Zero Technologies, India’s largest home-grown 3D printer manufacturer, has secured US patent for its new Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling™ (AFPM) 3D printing technology. Comparatively, AFPM is a significantly superior and reliable 3D printing technology to the conventional Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) and other 3D printing technologies available and used across the globe.

Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling™ (AFPM) helps control temperature and material flow in variable layers of 3D printing which in turn results in improved material control

Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling

Above: Divide By Zero CEO & Founder, Swapnil Sansare/Image Source: Divide By Zero Technologies

Sharing his excitement of securing the US patent, CEO & Founder Swapnil Sansare expressed, “3D printing technology has been in the industry for the past 30 years and we all are fascinated by its potential, however, there has been a gaping divide between the expected and the actual output quality delivered by traditional additive manufacturing techniques. With Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling, that will change dramatically as it relies heavily on intuitive automation and smart software application. We are extremely proud of receiving the US patent for this technology. It will now help us to make our revolutionary technology – which is completely developed in India – global.”

Swapnil added, “Additionally, now we would be able to help innovators and creators across the world in making end use production possible with small investment and test their ideas before they invest in tooling.” 

Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling (AFPM)

3D Printer Manufacturer

Above: Aion 500 Mk3 FDM 3D Printer/Image Source : Divide by Zero Technologies

AFPM, or Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling, is a breakthrough innovation involving the sheer amalgamation of 3D Printing, Material Engineering, and Software Development. The concept of AFPM lies in two aspects – Material Flow Rate and Temperature Variation. AFPM automatically controls temperature and material flow in variable layers of printing, which will give you faster productivity without compromising on product strength and surface finish. Because of the breakthrough innovation in software development, you will see the automatic flow orientation and selective temperature alteration giving you high precision high accuracy finished products.

Furthermore, it is based on strong R&D in material sciences, which means material that gives superior output in terms of surface finish and part strength. The technology also provides improved software control which decides best orientation and helps in selective layer temperature alteration, so that detailing can be worked on. Essentially, it automatically determines potential pitfalls, takes corrective measures and minutely calibrates the extruder to optimise the movement and flow to deliver an output quality far superior to all other FDM and FFF 3D printers currently available in the market.

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Benefits of AFPM 3D Printing Technology

Superior Form and Fitment: With AFPM, printed parts have a superior surface finish and they fit perfectly with the design offering higher dimensional accuracy of ±100 microns.

Function Testing Possible: Prototypes developed with AFPM are strong enough to be used in functional testing. Parts printed by other 3D printers may not be able to withstand the stress conditions of the functional testing stage in product development. This gives manufacturer key insights about the parts’ performance in real world environs allowing them to take design and production decisions with more confidence.

SLS Quality: The Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling technology delivers a print strength that is similar to the superior kind expected from Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printers but at much lower rates. Faster Time to Market: With AFPM 3D printing, businesses can drastically reduce time to create prototypes. Products and ideas take lesser time to reach the market. This gives businesses added agility, especially in competitive markets.

Cost Saving: One of the major benefits and value addition AFPM offers is significant cost-saving. It offers a high reduction in cost in comparison to conventional.

About Divide By Zero Technologies: Divide By Zero, is one of India’s largest manufacturers of 3D printers and first home-grown company that exports these printers. It is a technology-centred and people-driven company that design and manufactures industrial-grade 3D printers and additive manufacturing solutions. Through its advanced in-house R&D facility, the company ensures high-quality products for robust industrial requirements.

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