Divide By Zero upgrades all its FFF 3D Printers with Intelligent Auto-Switchover System

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  • The Intelligent Auto-Switchover Servo Controlled System can reduce 3D printer downtime by more than 95%
  • It will be a Built-in feature on all its industrial and professional FFF 3D printers
FFF 3D printer

Above: Above: The Intelligent Auto-Switchover Servo Controlled System/Image Source: Divide By Zero Technologies/Image Credit: Divide by Zero Technologies

Divide By Zero Technologies, India’s largest home-grown 3D printer manufacturer, has unveiled its all-new Intelligent Auto-Switchover Servo Controlled System for its FFF 3D printers. It will be available as a built-in feature on all its professional and industrial 3D printers henceforth.

The Intelligent Auto-Switchover Servo Controlled System will be able to reduce 3D printer downtime by more than 95% and increase the reliability of the printers by over 200%.

Intelligent Auto-Switchover System

FFF 3D printer

Above: The Aeqon 400 V3 FFF 3D printer/Image Source: Divide By Zero Technologies

The Intelligent Auto-Switchover System is a servo-controlled system that aims to eliminate downtime occurring due to nozzle clogging. Nozzle clogging is a significant issue in FFF 3D printing and can not only waste a lot of time but also ruin the on-going print. To solve this frequent issue, DBZ came up with this innovative solution.

Speaking on the new feature-upgrade, CEO and Founder, Swapnil Sansare said, “Customers across the globe in Additive manufacturing feel the heat of systems being unreliable at times. Let’s say, you set your printer to print a complex design file and leave it to print over the weekend. Later you find out that the print has not been completed because of filament clogging. This has created major issues all over the world. The Auto-Switchover mechanism works on the neural learning principle of automatically taking the extruder out of clogging using its counter feedback algorithms.”

When asked, what if the algorithm fails to counter the clogging issue, Swapnil explained, “The on-going extruder will stop and will pass on the print instructions to the secondary stand-by extruder-filament set ensuring smooth and seamless printing always.”

When asked about how this system works, Swapnil explained, “Our high-speed printers are equipped with intelligent servo-controlled feedback algorithms that can detect filament clogging based on current and past filament consumption and extrusion data. This will by default increase the reliability on the printers by over 200%.”

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Divide By Zero Technologies is a product innovation company and that their technologies are widely being accepted across the world. Just a few days back, team Divide By Zero dispatched India’s first-ever high-speed FFF printer to the United States of America.

Not just that, hundreds of new businesses coming into the 3D printing ecosystem are feeling confident using DBZ’s patented technology products. Talking about new engineering-grade materials, Swapnil said, “We are now dealing with high strength materials for all our industrial applications ranging from Carbon Fiber, Nylon, PETG, PC, PACF, PAGF, and many more.”

DBZ’s patented AFPM 3D printing technology touches the deposition rate of up to 125 gm/hr giving the end-user the privilege of enjoying high-speed 3D printing at 5-10 times the deposition rate than any other FFF/FDM polymer 3D printer available in the segment.

About Divide By Zero Technologies: Divide By Zero is one of India’s premier and largest homegrown 3D printer manufacturers and the first local brand to export 3D printers globally. More than 800+ brands and institutes across industries including TATA, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, DRDO, Godrej, HUL, Eicher, and 1000+ Startups across multiple countries are associated with DBZ for all their 3D printing requirements.

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