DO’IN3D Trusts Prodways Technologies’ Promaker P1000 to Address its Industrial Market Needs

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Prodways Technologies one of the global providers of multi-technology, industrial 3D printers and related materials announced in an official release that French DO’IN3D – a 3D printing service provided has reposed its trust in Prodways Technologies’affordable Selective Laser Sintering 3D printer to offer 3D printing services  to the industrial market.

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Above: Prodways Technologies’ ProMaker P1000/Image Credit: Prodways Technologies

The move seems to come as a result of increasing demand for 3D printed services from various industries who in fact begin their digital changeover by ordering on-demand parts 3D printed by 3D printing service providers who need to guarantee high-quality unique parts cost-effectively and in record times. DO’IN3D chose the ProMaker P1000 to increase its production facilities because of the 3D printer’s large building platform that allows improved industrial performance at a price as low as $100,000.

Providing details over why DO’IN3D chose the ProMaker P1000, Stéphane Chat, Founder of Do’In3D said, “We’ve founded Do’in3D to allow key industrial players to move toward 3D printing and allow them to benefit from a large choice among all existing technologies. We logically chose to increase our production capacity with Prodways Selective Laser Sintering 3D printer ProMaker P1000 which allows, thanks to its flexibility, us to provide solutions to all types of industrial applications in a record time. Prodways Selective Laser Sintering 3D printer allows us to print parts which geometry that can be very complex for prototyping, pre or small series with a large choice of materials. Thanks to this new tool, we are bringing to our customer the best industrial answer to their concept or industrialization questions.”

3D Printing news in India

Above: Example of Clock 3D Printed using Prodaways Technologies’ ProMaker P1000 3D Printer/Image Credit DO’IN3D

Offering more details of how additive manufacturing is benefiting companies in lowering their production cost, and lead time, Luc Eckenfelder, General Manager of Prodways Conseil stated, “Up to now, the industrial companies are not taking advantage of the full additive manufacturing potential towards each step of their production process.

“Having a first step through the on-demand 3D printing of parts by a service bureau allows managers to create the necessary inspiration within their team to nurture their minds of the future of their industry. Additive manufacturing allows companies to lower their production cost, lead time and to reinvent their level of service but there is still a lot to create for the majority of industries. Services bureaus are playing a major role in the support and integration for those new technologies.”

Based in Savoie, France, DOIN3D offers 3D printing services that meet high demand and helps find technological answers to various design issues. The company is not the first one using Prodways Technologies 3D printing solutions, Fischler Dental AG, a leading dental laboratory in Switzerland has also been using Prodways Technologies’ ProMaker L5000 D 3D printer to increase production of its dental models.


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