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DSM Launches Somos® WaterShed Black Stereolithography 3D Printing Resin

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Somos® WaterShed

Above: Somos® WaterShed Black is a new Stereolithography 3D printing resin/Image Source: DSM Additive Manufacturing

Royal DSM, a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, announced the release of Somos® WaterShed Black, a new Stereolithography 3D printing resin.

The new 3D printing resin is based on the proven technology of Somos® WaterShed XC 11122 that processes up to 50% faster than other black photopolymers. Due to its truer black colour off the machine, the material allows for savings in time and resources related to painting and post-processing.

Somos® WaterShed Black – The New Stereolithography 3D Printing Resin

Above: Somos® Watershed Black Stereolithography 3D Printing Resin/Video Source: DSM Additive Manufacturing/YouTube

Somos® WaterShed Black, the new  resin that builds durable, rigid and tough applications in a pure black colour. The material is easy to use and processes fast and consistently. Based on Somos® WaterShed XC 11122, the new black version has an improved formulation that processes up to 50% faster than other black photopolymers. Applications printed with Somos® WaterShed Black have a smooth surface finish requiring minimal post-processing, as well as superior moisture and chemical resistance.

Additive manufactured applications, especially in the automotive and electronics industries, are often painted black after being 3D printed, requiring additional time and investment during the production process. Developed to provide a quicker, less costly solution for these applications, Somos® WaterShed Black offers fast processing with minimal finishing. Due to its pure, truly black colour off the machine, painting or coating after printing is no longer needed. In addition to avoiding the additional process steps, issues like scratching and paint flaking are also avoided.

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Any Stereolithography application that is currently being printed and then painted black stands to benefit from Somos® WaterShed Black. Specific applications include functional automotive or electronic parts, consumer electronics, packaging and prototyping.

Commenting on the new Stereolithography 3D printing resin Geoff Gardner, Innovations Director Additive Manufacturing at DSM, said, “With Somos® WaterShed Black, we are addressing the need for a truly black Stereolithography material and we are bringing to market a material that processes up to 50% faster into a part with smooth surface finish. We are pleased we can bring manufacturers the technological developments they want to see as they explore the benefits of 3D printing for their business or expand the use of the technology in their design and production processes.”

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