Dyndrite Partners with AMFG to streamline production with Automated 3D Nesting of CAD Files

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Dyndrite announced a new partnership with AMFG for automated 3D nesting of CAD files
Dyndrite announced a new partnership with AMFG for automated 3D nesting of CAD files/Source: AMFG

Dyndrite, a manufacturing industry leader, announced a new partnership with AMFG to leverage the latter’s award-winning automated workflow software, which enables the automated 3D nesting of CAD files and streamlines their pre-production process.

Dyndrite Corporation specializes in additive CAM and production automation. Dyndrite is firmly committed to pursuing innovation through cutting-edge geometry and computing technologies, driven by a strong belief in the transformative potential of digital manufacturing. Dyndrite Corporation is committed to realizing the potential of emerging fabrication technologies, with a particular emphasis on additive manufacturing (AM) in production-oriented settings.

According to Stephen Anderson, Head of Strategic Relations, Dyndrite, “Dyndrite’s mission is to enhance the AM ecosystem to deliver production-oriented automated workflows.”

Streamline Production with Automated 3D Nesting of CAD Files

Dyndrite releases LPBF Pro software for metal 3D printing
Dyndrite releases LPBF Pro software for metal 3D printing/Source: Dyndrite Corporation

For those who don’t know about what nesting of CAD files mean, 3D CAD file nesting is a process used in additive manufacturing (3D printing) in which CAD models are efficiently arranged or ‘nested’ within a 3D space to optimise the printing process. This entails organising multiple parts in a way that maximises the use of space within the build volume of a 3D printer, thereby reducing material waste and printing time.

Dyndrite’s influence extends across a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, consumer goods, and contract manufacturing. Dyndrite has enhanced AMFG’s award-winning automated workflow software with the ability to 3D nest multiple CAD files for production directly from the AMFG interface. AMFG’s cutting-edge software, powered by Dyndrite, will now seamlessly compile a plethora of files, allowing Dyndrite to assess the overall project size, determine the required production time, and calculate the subsequent project cost with remarkable efficiency.

“We’re excited to work with AMFG, a leading innovator in MES software for manufacturing, taking advantage of Dyndrite technology has delivered new value-added automation capabilities to their solution and customer base – together, we are bringing scale to the additive manufacturing industry.”

– Stephen Anderson, Head of Strategic Relations, Dyndrite

Commenting on the successful integration of the project, Sven Hinrichs, Head of Technology Consulting, AMFG, stated, “As a leading automation solution, we recognize the transformative power of Dyndrite’s automated nesting and build preparation capabilities for additive manufacturing. The efficiency gains brought about by Dyndrite’s cutting-edge technology have revolutionized our workflow, allowing our customers to optimize material usage, reduce production time, and ultimately deliver superior results to our clients. Dyndrite’s commitment to advancing the additive manufacturing landscape aligns seamlessly with our goal of providing innovative and cost-effective solutions. Together, we’re shaping the future of manufacturing by harnessing the full potential of automation in the additive process.”

Dyndrite has made a splash with its recently announced flagship product, Dyndrite LPBF Pro metal 3D printing software, which enables manufacturing companies to automate processes, discover new efficiencies, and implement toolpath controls and manipulation never seen before in the 3D metal printing industry.

Dyndrite and third-party tools make use of Dyndrite’s previously announced Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE), a multi-threaded and GPU-accelerated engine that delivers exceptional performance, includes Python automation, and has one of the most accessible app development environments in the engineering and manufacturing industry.

About Dyndrite: Dyndrite’s mission centers on fundamentally changing the way geometry is created, transformed, and transmitted on computers. Their Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE) stands as the world’s first geometry agnostic, multi-threaded, GPU-accelerated geometry engine. Dyndrite develops and licenses tools, such as Dyndrite LPBF Pro, providing companies with the power, freedom, and control necessary to realize the full potential of digital manufacturing.

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