Additive Manufacturing - How Will It Impact Traditional Supply Chains?

12 Mins read

Additive manufacturing is reshaping the manufacturing industry in a sustainable approach. Apart from eliminating design constraints, lowering material wastage or literally building almost anything, it positively impacts various industries even remotely associated with manufacturing. Additive manufacturing is contributing significantly to the restructuring of traditional supply chains across the manufacturing industry with its disruptive potential.

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Advantages of 3D Printing for Dentists

3 Mins read
Dentistry is one of the earliest cross-industry adopters of 3D printing and over the years it has blossomed. Understanding the advantages of 3D printing for dentists, companies have even developed a range of 3D printers targeting the dentistry applications. Material library is also rapidly evolving to cater to the dentistry needs. Digital Dentistry is upon us, and so is the future of dentistry.