Elementum 3D acquires SLM NXG XII 600 & signs material development agreement

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Elementum 3D acquires NXG XII 600
Elementum 3D acquires NXG XII 600/Source: SLM Solutions

Elementum 3D acquires SLM NXG XII 600 and also signs a materials development agreement with SLM Solutions to broaden the usage of additive manufacturing, raises awareness of Elementum 3D materials.

Metal-based additive manufacturing necessitates collaboration between hardware OEMs and material vendors in order to solve difficulties for their consumers. SLM Solutions has introduced the record-breaking NXG XII 600E and a flexible manufacturing solution, addressing one of the AM industry’s main challenges: build envelope limitation.

However, a paucity of material possibilities persists, which is critical to unlocking high-performance parts with high-performance material needs. The aerospace and space sectors are keen to incorporate new materials, but they have encountered numerous obstacles with difficult-to-print, highly sought-after alloys that crack. Nonetheless, they are employed because of their versatility, high strength, and resistance to corrosion. A tremendous thorn in the side of the hyperactive aircraft sector.

Elementum 3D acquires SLM NXG XII 600

In 2023, SLM Solutions and Elementum 3D will partner to address these problems by developing exclusive aluminium alloys 2024 and 6061, as well as aerospace grade 7050 and 7075, for SLM® technology. In this approach, both companies are collaborating to improve material options based on the 12-laser technology used to print end-use parts for space travel.

RAM technology from Elementum 3D assures the safe processing and successful conclusion of additively manufactured components made from these difficult-to-print materials, opening up whole new possibilities in terms of component size, processing rates, and material qualities.

Elementum 3D acquired the pioneering SLM® machine NXG XII 600 from SLM Solutions as part of a collaborative development agreement, and both companies are committed to offering and developing cutting-edge technologies and materials. The goal is to develop parameters and commercialise Elementum 3D materials for usage in SLM® machines, particularly the NXG XII 600.

The partnership broadens the usage of additive manufacturing, raises awareness of Elementum 3D materials, and enables SLM Solutions to swiftly extend the material variety for the 12-laser machine. The collaboration will give the NXG XII 600 even more energy and lead to even more innovative, additively made, high-quality parts.

“This strong partnership will enable our goal of empowering our customers to achieve theirs. It will pave a path for an enhanced material portfolio enabling better-performing applications and new business cases. We look forward to this partnership achieving new heights in AM and accelerating idea-to-production platform for our customers.”

– Sam O’Leary, CEO, SLM Solutions

Jacob Nuechterlein, President and Founder of Elementum 3D, highlighted the benefits of the agreement for additive manufacturing users saying, “We are pleased to announce this working agreement with SLM Solutions. With Elementum 3D’s ground-breaking materials and SLM Solutions leadership in production-sized printers for aluminums, we can offer a full solution to organizations ready to take their ideas to production.”  

SLM Solutions systems are built on an open architecture concept that allows users to utilise a variety of materials, change settings as needed, and have flexible control at all levels to meet the needs of their clients. Thus, the lightning-fast NXG XII 600 ushers in a new era of metal-based additive manufacturing, enabling productive component production at lower cost per part with an expanded material palette.

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