Elo Health announces new partnership with Nourished to Launch 3D Printed Gummy Supplements

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Elo Health to offer personalised seven-layer smart 3D printed gummy supplements
Elo Health to offer personalised seven-layer smart 3D printed gummy supplements/Source:

Elo Health, a personalised nutrition Startup, announced a collaboration with Nourished, creator of personalised nutrient gummies, to provide Elo customers with the option of taking personalised 3D printed gummy supplements.

The new collaboration, which will allow Elo customers to replace up to 7 pills with a single 3D printed gummy as part of a daily supplement regimen, is the result of the two companies’ year and a half of collaboration.

“We’ve been trying to find and build a better product for delivering the nutrients to people. Nourished has developed this unbelievably good modality of 3D printed gummy vitamins, and we’ve been working with them to formulate the ideal formulation based on the Elo Health AI.”

– Ari Tulla, CEO, Elo Health

3D Printed Gummy Supplements

Nourished is UK's favourite personalised nutrient stack
Nourished is UK’s favourite personalised nutrient stack/Source: Nourished

According to Tulla, while some of Elo’s customers are perfectly fine with taking multiple pills on a daily basis, others would prefer a different supplement delivery method.

Tulla added, “Now they can take the equivalent of seven pills in one gummy. Seven layers equals seven pills. And we’ve worked with Nourished to dose them appropriately, so they actually have the same outcomes as the pills.”

Another new feature of the Elo Health platform is that customers can now create their initial personalised supplement profile using a questionnaire rather than a blood panel. Elo initially required a finger prick blood sample to determine cholesterol, lipid, vitamin D levels, and more than a dozen other biomarkers. Some customers, understandably, were put off by the cost (up to $150 per test) or the discomfort of a blood test.

Tulla claims that the company’s AI model has optimised its platform so that customers can achieve similar results with personalised supplements without the need for initial or ongoing blood testing.

“We have taken the learning from the last two and a half years and thousands of people who went through the funnel. And we’ve been optimizing the questionnaire to get very close to the same way we can get with a panel.”

– Ari Tulla, CEO, Elo Health

Elo will continue to provide blood testing as an initial panel and on an ongoing basis for those who wish to do so. The Elo partnership continues Nourished’s momentum from the previous year. The company announced their entry into Japan this summer at Smart Kitchen Summit Japan, and they are also present in the northeastern United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Tulla envisions his company’s AI-powered personalised coaching and nutrition counselling in the future. He concludes, “When you have a question about nutrition, you want to get the response right then and there. And that’s what the AI can provide. It can provide a dialogue that happens right then.”

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