Endurance Laser Announces 11th Worldwide Giveaway – Win 10 watt laser module

Endurance, a manufacturer of powerful laser attachments for any 3D printer & CNC machines since 2015, announced the launch of its 11th Worldwide Giveaway This new giveaway comes with an opportunity to win a 10 watt diode laser module for 3D printers.  

The lasers from Endurance offer several technological advantages. First, they have a stylish industrial design and are made up of light aluminium. Second, they feature an effective cooling system with a custom developed heatsink.

They also come with true constant power output checked every time before shipment, come with a highly efficient and reliable laser control board. Most importantly, the lasers from Endurance are compatible for most 3D printers & CNC machines.

About the 10 watt Diode Laser Module from Endurance

3D printers and CNC Machines
Above: The 10 Watt Laser All in the Box/Image Credit: Endurance

The Endurance 10 Watt laser comes with an “Invincible” continuous power and has the following exciting features