Endurance Laser Announces its 7th Free Worldwide Giveaway

Free Giveaway
Image Credit: Endurance

Endurance, a startup founded in 2015 and manufacturer of powerful laser attachments for any 3D printer & CNC machines, has launched its 7th Worldwide Free Giveaway for three different diode lasers. The diode lasers have different wattage namely, 10 Watt, 8.5 Watt, & 0.5 Watt.

About the Lasers

All Endurance lasers accompany great features which separates the company from its competitors. Some of the benefits of these lasers are as follows:

  • Compatibility

All Endurance lasers are compatible with most 3D printers and CNC machines and are easy-to-use and easy-to-install.

  • In-house Manufacturing

Endurance designs, builds, and delivers powerful solid-state laser add-on modules and a variety of engraving/cutting machines.

  • Lasers Box

The laser box which the company ships has everything a user needs to get started. It takes around 5-15 minutes to mount and wire the laser to any 3D printer or CNC machine.

  • Plug and Play

All Endurance lasers are plug and play. Just mount the laser to the spindle or extruder without removing them. Connect wires to the fan/spindle/laser pin on your board.
Use the same software, just generate a g-code and run the laser from the computer or SD card.

  • Certification

Endurance Laser passed a certification procedure in Russia in 2018.

In addition to the above benefits, the lasers are also tested for 48-72 hour nonstop operation, rated for real, & continuous power output.

3D Printer laser attachment
Above: 10-watt laser all in the box/Image Credit: Endurance

The laser attachments are compatible with almost all the 3D printers and CNC machines and are easy to hook.

Speaking about the compatibility of the lasers, George I Fomitchev, Founder and CEO at Endurance said, “At endurance, we make powerful laser attachments for any 3D printer or CNC machine. They are compatible and easy to hook. We launched an Endurance startup in 2015 and by now we have sold more than 2000 units worldwide”.

3D Printer laser attachment
Above: Popular 3D printer and CNC machine brands compatible with Endurance Lasers/Image Credit: Endurance

“We have effective laser attachments with different output such as 2100 mW (2.1W), 3500 mW (3.5W), 5600 mW (5.6W), 8000 mW (8W), 8500 mW (8.5W+), 10000 mW (10W) 445 nm wavelength. It is able to convert almost any 3D printer or CNC machine into an engraving or cutting machine”, added George I Fomitchev.

Offering more details about the giveaway, George I Fomitchev added, “Today, nearly every hobbyist & enthusiast has a printer at home. A laser engraver might become as popular and in-demand a device as a printer. Now, as 3D-printers become more and more popular and people like to improve and upgrade them. That is why Endurance has created diode lasers attachments for 3D-printers. The goal of our giveaway is straight-forward. It is about giving users an opportunity to win Three Endurance lasers.”

Technological Advantages of the Endurance Lasers

  • Stylish industrial design using light aluminium
  • Effective cooling system with a custom developed heatsink
  • True constant power output checked every time before shipment
  • Very efficient and reliable laser control board
  • Compatible mounts with most 3D printer & CNC machines
  • Adjustable laser power via TTL
  • Preset and tested laser focus
  • Additional protection of the laser diode
3D Printer laser attachment
Above: Laser engraved cube/Image Credit: Endurance

With the help of the lasers, users can customize and embellish almost any item they wish. Users can easily engrave on a great many of various materials such as leather, plastics, plywood, acrylic, fabric, felt, balsa, wood, stone, glass hardboard, and cardboard.

This just gives the users an additional tool to finish your 3D printed parts and even create parts which even the 3D printer cannot create

For First Time Users

New users can explore the ultimate abilities of their 3D printers and CNC machines with Endurance laser attachments. They can also get more information about the lasers by joining the company’s Facebook community . Additionally, the company also has an interesting YouTube channel

How to Participate in the Giveaway?

It is fairly easy to participate in the Giveaway competition. The user/participant just has to login to the giveaway as an entry. The participant can login using any of the online profile he has on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.

After the participant logs-in, he now has to score as high as he can to win the giveaway prize. The participant can score by 24 different methods available and mentioned on the competition window.

Each method has specific entry points ranging from +3 to +50. Some entries can be accessed only once while others can be accessed multiple times during the course of the competition. And all this to earn extra points (or entries).

The competition is simple, the higher the score (displayed at the top of the competition window) the better the chances to win the lasers.

The prizes are as follows:

1st Prize: 10 Watt Laser
2nd Prize: 8.5 Watt Laser
3rd Prize: 0.5 Watt Laser

On a Final Note

The GIVEAWAY by the company is open to everyone and people can create as many entries as possible to maximize their chances to win!

About Endurance: Endurance is a Startup founded in 2015 by George I Fomitchev. It manufactures powerful laser attachments for most types of 3D printer & CNC machines. Users can follow Endurance on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter.

(Disclaimer: All the statements and claims in the above article are made by the giveaway offering company Endurance. The article should not be viewed as a substitute for professional advice. This article does not seek to create any business-client relationship. Manufactur3D does not hold any liability on the claims.)