EOS Group’s Subsidiary ALM Introduces New High Performance Polymer Materials for 3D Printing

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Three new high-performance polymer materials expand the range of materials offered by EOS group.

EOS Group, the world’s leading high-end technology solutions provider for 3D printing of metals and polymers, officially introduced three new high-performance polymer materials for 3D printing. These three new materials are developed by Advanced Laser Materials (ALM), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of EOS Group for its European market.

Chief Technical Officer of EOS, Dr. Tobias Abeln, explains: “EOS is broadening its range of available materials, while also opening up new application areas for industrial 3D printing at the same time.” He continues, “ALM materials – like EOS materials – are going through extensive quality testing in order to fulfil high customer requirements, particularly from even highly regulated industries. As of February 2018, ALM received its formal ISO 9001:2015 certification that specifies the requirements for a quality management in organizations.”

Advanced Laser Materials (ALM)

Advanced Laser Materials (ALM), the Texas-based company, is a wholly owned subsidiary of EOS Group. It specialises in material research for industrial 3D printing and excels in providing customised application-based high-performance, high-quality material solutions and engineering support to industries. Over the years it has developed a range of such materials.


Sample part made from the new high performance polymer material by ALM 2

Above: Sample part made from the new high performance polymer material by ALM / Image Credit: EOS

The new materials are of particular interest to the aerospace industry. ALM believes that these materials will expand their material offering and even broaden the range of applications for additive manufacturing. These newly introduced materials are already deployed successfully in many North American companies. These materials are also highly attractive to the European markets due to their high performance. EOS has now officially introduced these new high-performance polymer materials into the market and will be available from March 2018 onwards.

The three new high-performance polymer materials for 3D printing are as follows:

ALM HP 11-30

ALM HP 11-30 is material is a polyamide 11 material reinforced with carbon fibre and this gives it high-strength, high impact resistance and an increased elongation at break. This high-performance polymer material ALM HP 11-30 is most suitable for the automotive industry, especially in motorsport applications.

ALM FR-106

ALM FR-106 is a Flame-retardant polyamide 11 material and is most suited for the aerospace industry as it meets the rigorous FAR 25.853 aviation standards. It is not only limited to aerospace industry but since it also has good thin wall thicknesses, it is also ideal for casings and housings.


ALM PA 640-GSL is a Polyamide 12 material filled with lightweight glass and carbon fibres. This provides reduced weight with similar high strength properties. Applications for this material include shipping, sports, motorsport, and aerospace industry.

Technical specifications and material datasheets can be accessed from the ALM website.

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