EOS and 3YOURMIND Launch Rapid Part Identifier Program

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EOS and 3YOURMIND Launch Rapid Part Identifier Program
3YourMind’s AM Rapid Part Identifier Program/ Source: The Fabricator

The Rapid Part Identifier program is a collaboration between EOS North America’s Additive Minds team and 3YOURMIND to hasten the widespread adoption of additive manufacturing (AM). Rapid Part Identifier allows rapid component screening of 2D and 3D files, combined with AM engineering experience, has allowed businesses to develop comprehensive approaches to industrial 3D printing. With the aid of this new cooperation agreement, the process of identifying parts for AM can be scaled up fast, with the strategy and engineering backing it up.

Additive Minds’ senior manager Fabian Alefeld says, “we are providing a path for organisations to leave the whiteboard and Excel spreadsheet world by creating a faster, more professional approach like Rapid Part Identifier to building a digital parts warehouse ready for AM production.” We teamed up with 3YOURMIND to speed up the process of creating business cases for on-demand, highly-engineered apps, something that used to take months.

The applied engineering group at Additive Minds assists businesses in expanding their AM capabilities. Additive Minds was the first company to develop a systematic approach to screening client component libraries for potential AM applications, a process that has traditionally included a large amount of manual labour. This was the outcome of the Rapid Part Identifier program. Part identification, qualification, order administration, and production scheduling are just some of the areas of the AM value chain that 3YOURMIND’s software will now be used to optimise thanks to digital collaboration between the two companies.

Outcome of Rapid Part Identifier Program

Rapid Part Identifier was co-created by EOS and 3YOURMIND, who did the following:

  • Using EOS data to fine-tune the 3YOURMIND algorithm and provide more precise predictions about prices and the printability of applications
  • Customers with many traditionally manufactured applications would benefit from the increased screening speed from Rapid Part Identifier program.
  • Giving consumers access to a database of uploaded, assessed components to make informed decisions
  • Customers may increase their AM program’s effectiveness by scanning in-stock components, developing compelling AM business cases, learning about real-world AM applications, and making speedier choices.
EOS and 3YOURMIND Launch Rapid Part Identifier Program
EOS and 3YOURMIND enter into Partnership/ Source: 3YOURMIND

“EOS has always been a strong supporter of 3YOURMIND and our vision of streamlined, intuitive additive manufacturing workflows,” says Aleksander Ciszek, co-founder and CEO of 3YOURMIND. Working with Additive Minds will allow us to show EOS customers how straightforward AM can be when supported by compelling PBFs from the outset.

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About 3YOURMIND: 3YOURMIND is a software platform for on-demand manufacturing that gives businesses the ability to identify and build parts as and when they are required. Digital inventories of eligible components may be created by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), operating firms, and contract manufacturers. These inventories help cut costs, shorten manufacturing lead times, and provide more efficient and agile operations. 3YOURMIND caters to the existing requirements that businesses have to swiftly generate spare parts while also enabling sophisticated manufacturing technologies and data-driven decision-making to develop new components that are quicker, lighter, and have the potential to save money.

About EOS: EOS offers environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing solutions to businesses worldwide by utilizing industrial 3D printing technology. The autonomous firm established in 1989 will significantly impact the future of manufacturing due to its ability to connect high-quality production efficiency with its pioneering innovation and sustainable practices. It is powered by its platform-driven digital value network of machines and an all-encompassing range of services, materials, and processes. EOS is passionately devoted to meeting the requirements of its consumers while also behaving responsibly toward our world.

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