EOS launches DIGITAL FOAM Architects network

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EOS launches DIGITAL FOAM Architects network
EOS launches DIGITAL FOAM Architects network/Source: EOS GmbH

EOS, a leading provider of responsible manufacturing solutions through industrial 3D printing technology, has launched the DIGITAL FOAM Architects network to accelerate the development and additive manufacturing of consumer, medical, and industrial products incorporating Digital Foam applications. EOS, ArkemaGeneral Lattice and DyeMansion are among the founding members.

A collaborative additive manufacturing alliance reduces time-to-market for 3D printed foam applications from concept to production.

DIGITAL FOAM Architects network

Digital Foam Product Bauer Helmet
Digital Foam Product Bauer Helmet/Source: EOS GmbH

Digital Foam gives new life to mature products while also developing entirely new product lines ranging from athletic shoes to orthotics, protective gear, and medical products. Manufacturers can “dial-in” the exact performance or features required to provide product differentiation as well as mass customised product offerings.

Digital Foam applications typically have complex requirements that necessitate the collaboration of multiple disciplines to ensure success. The Digital Foam Architects network formalizes a long-standing alliance of AM experts ready to take ideas from concept to reality, including design software, materials, and the various AM hardware elements, from printing to post-processing and colorization.

“Digital Foam applications can be designed and produced with tailored features for performance, protection and lightweighting. But Digital Foam is not a product, rather it is an approach to 3D printing foam-like products. The Digital Foam Architects network is another chapter in the maturation of this approach by coalescing the required AM expertise. We are very pleased to announce our first commitments to this network of experts.”

– Jon Walker, Digital Foam spokesperson, EOS

According to Adrien Lapeyre, director of 3D printing program of Arkema “Arkema is committed to supporting new additive manufacturing application development through more sustainable material solutions. In collaboration with EOS, we continue to push the boundaries on what is feasible in 3D printing by combining strong enablers, such as Digital Foam, and new materials, such as Pebax® elastomers. We look forward to the growth of Digital Foam and we will continue to play an active role in this program.”

Underpinning Digital Foam is the EOS patent relating to any generatively 3D printed object which has a flexible grid-like structure or matrix (i.e., lattice), composed of open cells that are joined together in groups of differing characteristics. Described in basic terms, this covers any varying 3D printed lattice structures morphing into each other.

As Digital Foam continues to be used as an additively manufactured flexible lattice solution, the network’s partners will grow. Contact Jon Walker, government relations and key accounts manager, for more information on the Digital Foam Architects Network or to become a potential network partner.

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